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Interview with Claw Money

We recently exchanged words with Claudia Gold, but you may know her as Claw Money. We’re super excited to announce her appearance in the San Diego Comic Con 2015 issue of Color Ink Book Volume 23, featuring her exclusive cover as well. With her work dating back to the late ’80s/early 90’s, Claw has established […]

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colby sunshine color ink book buttercup

Words from Colby Nelson

Where do you find inspiration for your art? My art inspiration has come from toys ever since I was young, I have been collecting toys.  It started off when my aunt bought me my first Smurf.  I loved how you could collect new versions.  That led into more Smurfs from my aunt, and then it […]

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Words from Bruce Parker

Where do you find inspiration for your art? I find it everywhere really; the best ideas come late at night or when I’m on the bus. But there’s no set method however when I’m struggling books, movies and old toys do help. What mediums do you prefer to work with, and why? I use paint […]

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