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All right, what’s the fish have up his sleeve for the oh nine?

Besides drawing more Rayolas for you guys, there’s much to do this year! My webcomic Jaephisch and the Dark Rainbow will be continuing with many pages of adventure. We’re planning a music video to coincide with the comic as the story gets further along. This summer will bring Poseur Ink’s Side B, a comic anthology about the influence and inspiration brought on by music onto the lives of artists; Greg Khmara and I have an eight page comic in that book, which takes a very subconscious approach to the theme. Greg and I are also working on two projects, the comic anthology Fine Literature and the epic bandit-adventure comic The Tabouli BROS. We’re proposing to publish two issues of Fine Literature and attempting to finish a multi-hundred page Tabouli book within the year. Besides all this mentioned above, I will be tabling a few conventions, contributing to art shows and zines, growing my hair even longer, learning the harmonica, and will go on more picnics (I went on a picnic shortly after writing this statement, so I think I’m off to a good start).

Do you ever get sick of the rain?

The rain here in Portland is definitely a little more exaggerated by word of mouth, it’s really not so bad! I ride a bike to get where I need to go, even if I get soaked I’m perfectly content. I’m a fish so I enjoy the extra moisture, just one more reason I love it here! I did happen to catch the biggest winter that Portland has seen in years, however, which had its moments of grief.

jfish color ink book 3Who are you listening to right now?

I’m almost always listening to Boards of Canada, I enjoy their work in almost any setting, mood, and accompanying whatever it is I’m working on. I don’t tend to listen to music unless I’m drawing, really. If I want something more intense, I refer to Mr. Oizo and the Ed Banger bunch; when I want something lively yet relaxed I choose Stereolab; to inspire some brightness I turn to the Flaming Lips. What I’m really obsessed with at the moment is video game music; I have a collection of Super Nintendo soundtrack files that play the entire soundtrack in one conveinient package! Axelay, Super Mario RPG, Final Fantasy 4 and 6, Gradius III… I could make this answer long with video game titles, but I’ll stop there. Also, I love Ennio Morricone, Air, Blonde Redhead, Massive Attack, Pink Martini, R. Crumb and His Cheap Suit Serenaders; I think my music spectrum is pretty varied.

What is you favorite medium to work in?

When I first began to put my work out on the internet, I involved myself with digital medium. I first got into MsPaint, using a mouse, then to evolve towards Photoshop and using a tablet. That got old fast. At this point, I would lose my mind if I couldn’t find Prismacolor markers! I pretty much stick to traditional mediums, using digital here and there to add a few accents; I use Micron needle point pens, a Kaimei brush pen, Prismacolor markers, and Strathmore vellum bristol or canvas paper. My favorite medium is the marker, I’ve grown really attached to Prismacolor over the last year.

jfish color ink book 2If you could collab with any one on anything who would it be and on what?

If it weren’t for a young comic artist by the name of Corey Sutherland Lewis, I might have taken even longer to get into the comic world. I met him at the Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco in 2005; we’ve been friends since. I would like to collaborate with him on a comic. I think we’d create something pretty intense, it’d probably obliterate our readers’ faces. There are many artists I want to work with on comics, I think over time these collaborations will come into play!

Can you tell us the secret to having fabulous hair?

I laughed when I read this question. That’s a hard question to answer! Well, as for my current look, I want long hair, but I shave the sides short since my hair there grows very coarse and is a bother. I keep the top short so I can flip it up, which I call my “top fin”. I only wash my hair once a week or sometimes less than that even, I like to let the hair oil kick in and thrive for a bit. Too much oil and it starts looking nappy. I think the ultimate answer to the question is simply to wear your hair however you like! I get weird looks a good amount, the old folks just don’t understand.

jfish color ink book 1What inspired you to do the cardboard art (thanks for the burger)?

During my first year living in Portland, I got a backstock job at American Apparel. Each day brought about five to twelve huge cardboard boxes of clothing from the factory, the cardboard would then be thrown away in the cardboard dumpster in the back of the building. I thought “Hey! I love to work on large surfaces, I can use all this cardboard and turn it into art, and it’s free!” I also wanted to sell original art for cheap and this source of cardboard fed that notion. I also enjoy working on cardboard because I take a more relaxed approach to it as opposed to sitting down with pen and paper. Also, you’re welcome!

What is the most epic battle in comic history?

I own this great Lone Wolf and Cub single issue, written by Kazuo Koike and illustrated by Goseki Kojima, which I found a long time ago. It’s listed simply as Lone Wolf and Cub #4, published by First Comics Inc. (ISBN 0-915419-13-0 for those interested in looking it up). Anyways, there’s this really great battle between Itto Ogami, the “Baby Cart Assassin”, and these three assassins for the Shogunate, the Hidari brothers who go by “Bentenrai”; a classic stand-off in a desert enroute to Edo. Ogami makes really quick work of the battle, killing the first two brothers outright but the third brother, who weilds claws, gets the slightest slice in the side of his neck. The wound is lethal, yet so slight that the blood whistles as it spurts from Hidari’s neck. Hidari mentions then how he always wanted to inflict this wound, he explains: “…it whines… like a cold winter wind. It sounds like the flute of the fallen tiger… I never thought… my own wound… would sing like this…” Hidari slumps to death immediatly. Really epic if you ask me! The previously mentioned Corey Lewis has a comic entitled Sharknife which is full of epic fighting-game style battles. I expect the second book, Sharknife Double Z, to have even more epic, even better battles than its predecessor.

jfish color ink book 4Can you tell us a little something about Fine Literature?

Fine Literature, headlined by my long time friend and writer Greg Khmara, is an artist anthology project. It’s pretty straight forward, no real theme or genre necessarily, but it is more on the strange side. The covers represent the zine well; the first issue’s cover portrays a puking punk and the second involves a badly beaten and mutilated unicorn, riding another unicorn over a rainbow. Mostly, its purpose is to spread awareness towards great artists, writers, musicians, and so forth. The second and third issues will come with a music compilation and future issues may come with movies as well. As the issues progress, we’d like to publish a thick, collective book.


I’ve loved and been raised with many!: cats, birds, fish, rats, hamsters, dogs, shrimp, lizards, bugs… I’ve been acquainted with fleas my entire life. At the moment, I do not have my own, but my neighborhood has many wonderful cats roaming around. Wait, were you asking me if I’d like some pets from you? I’m into “petting”, if that’s what you’re implying!

anubisra-jfishBurrito or Sandwich?

Both please, I’m starving! I like machaca burritos with black beans or tuna salad  sandwiches. I’ll usually eat breakfast when I go out to eat, I love eggs. I also prefer burgers, but I think you guys know that already!

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