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You use a lot of different types of canvases; what is your favorite?

Well lately I’ve been using wood Stapled canvases, which I stop using for a very long time, but I must say that I will always love all of the sticker materials, you can place them anywhere at anytime and also I love the street walls :).

When did you decide to be called Luchuk?

Well its actually kind of a lame story jaja but here it goes…
When I started my myspace page I didn’t know what name to use do I remember a song title from a unknown band that I like called Bare Minimum and they have a song called Luchuk so I decided to use that name just because I like the way it sounded and I thought that it was different…so there you go, nothing special jeje.

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I guess you are a Star Wars fan. What is your favorite movie and which is your least?

Yes I’m a big star wars geek and proud of it jaja, my favorite is the Empire Strikes Back from the old trilogy and from the new one is Revenge of the Sith, my least favorite…the Phantom Menace just because of Jar Jar Binks 😛

What are you listening to?

Recently I’ve been listening to this indie-folk band called ((Sounder)) you should check them out (myspace.com/thesounder) and also I’m listening to Deerhunter, Jeremy Enigk, Sunny Day Real Estate (my favorite band ;D), Deftones, Animal Collective, Enter Shikari and a whole bunch of other bands and I’m really into jazz and Bossa nova music.

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Any plans on a follow-up to “Guide to Baking Good, Doodles and Other Poop”?

Yes, I’ve recently finished it and I just need to reproduce it, it will be 50 limited copies like the first one and it’s just simply called “Luchuk (Fanzine #2)”.

Tell us about “Tin Toy Productions”?

Tin Toy Productions it’s a project of mine, which it’s different from what I do under the Luchuk name. In TTP I work with clients to do commercial graphic design like business cards, posters, flyers, menus, banners and all sort of commercial stuff for small, medium and big businesses.

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What aspects of street art do you like the best?

I think what I like most about street art is the freedom, outside your home there’s a big canvass waiting to be use and the beauty of seeing other artists works, knowing that you are not the only one with the craving of expressing so many feelings to other people to see on the streets.

Where is the best place to grab a bite to eat?

Here in TJ I must say any place that sells tacos it’s the place to be and also here in TJ we have a Big Boy you should try the Philly steak sandwiches those are the bomb! jaja.

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Any favorite toys?

Besides all the star wars stuff, I like the McFarlane toys, Marvel heroes and I’m a big big fan of Batman, old school toys from my childhood like transformers and G.I. Joe and very soon I plan to start collecting vinyl toys from urban designers.

Sandwich or Burrito?

Tacos!! ;D

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