So what is the story behind the name Buff Monster?
The word Buff can mean so many things, and for me, it changes.

Do you have any super secret projects in the making you can tell us about?

I have some super awesome toys in the works. They just keep getting better. I’m working with a couple new companies that really want to do some crazy stuff. Besides that, I’m working on my next big solo show at Corey Helford in September. I just moved into a new studio space so I have lots of room to work on lots of pieces.

Who are you listening to while you work these days?
I listen to a lot of heavy metal, as usual. But more and more, for all the tedious and time-consuming parts of painting, I listen to the Adam Carolla podcast and the Loveline podcast. Each one is about an hour and a half and I’ll listen to 5 or 6 in a day sometimes.

Which do you prefer to do, the huge wall pieces or smaller pieces? and why?
I like it all. There are good aspects and not so good aspects to both, so as long as I do both, its all good.

Who or what is the inspiration for your characters?
I’m inspired by lots of stuff. I’m always finding all sorts of crazy drawings, illustrations and paintings that get me going, but lots of stuff from my childhood too: Garbage Pail Kids, those Rob Roskopp skateboards by Jim Phillips, stuff like that. And of course, heavy metal music.

If you could have any other career what would it be and why?
I’d be a lawyer or an agent. I like yelling and getting shit done.

Where is the best place to eat in the city?
One of my favorites is Bossa Nova (Brazilian). It’s on Sunset across from the Seventh Veil. I love that place.

Where is the best place to grab a drink?

The Frolic Room is always nice. Its right here in Hollywood, on Hollywood, but its not douchy like so many Hollywood spots.

Where is the best place to hang on a Friday or Saturday night?

Fridays I’m always working and Saturdays I’m usually going to an art show or two.

What super hero or super villain would you like to be?
I have no idea.

Any new toys in the works? Up coming shows, when and where?

My show at Corey Helford on September 4th will be fun. I’m working on some crazy pieces for the show. My recent 3 week trip around Europe inspired me plenty.

Sandwich or Burrito?
I love Burritos. I’m good at making them too.

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Interview by Adam