Words from Dabs Myla

Now that you live in the states, what do you miss most about Australia?

DABS: The main thing is our family and friends. Especially around the Holidays, it’s really hard to be away from them.

But Los Angles definitely has enough ‘SHINY THINGS’ to keep our minds of it and to keep us distracted for most of the time!!


What are some of the most unusual mediums you have worked with? And what are your favorites?

MYLA: We use acrylic paint on our paintings that we work on in the studio, acrylic paint for walls we paint indoors and spray paint for walls we paint outside…

We don’t ever really experiment with other mediums because we are so happy and comfortable with these!

Looking at your work it’s hard to tell where Dabs starts and Myla ends, are your styles that similar ?

DABS: After years of working and living together its kind of come to that……..Just like when any couple have been together for some time, they start to become similar,

Finish each other’s sentences, think of the same things at the same time!

That’s kind of what has happened with our work! Its so crazy…we are so close it really is like being one person!


How is it being together and working together? Do you drive each other crazy, or is it crazy fun?

MYLA: Crazy fun!! We are really so lucky to be able to do what we do, and enjoy every second of it together.

It’s kind of crazy though…because we share everything we do, we are always by each others side.

Working together, sleeping together, painting together and traveling together.

And we have the best time doing all of these things!…I don’t think we will ever get sick of hanging out!

What music are you listening to these days, and does it inspire your work?

DABS: I think it does inspire our work…and at very least…it stops us from going insane!!

Because we are in the studio working all day and night if we didn’t have music on we would probably start to go crazy!

At the moment it’s The Slackers, Little Dragon and The Dead Milkmen are getting a lot of play time.


Any big projects in the works for next year?

MYLA: Yeah…We have a few big things on this year. We will be doing a bit of traveling again this year which is always fun. We also have a show at

Thinkspace Gallery in the summer. We are curating a show there with some of our favorite artists, and we will also be making a new small body of work and an installation.

We are trying to take the time this year to paint more walls outside than we did in 2011. Last year we had so many commitments for gallery shows..we didn’t really get time to do as much graffiti as we would have liked. This year we are gonna make sure we have more time for that!

Which would you rather battle Evil Flying Monkeys or Rabid Honey Badgers?

DABS: Hmmm…If I had the choice I would skip fighting both? That doesn’t sound like much fun at all! The monkeys are evil..which kind of sucks!! And they can fly, which makes it tricky.

But Badgers are nasty fuckers!! And rabid ones would be the worst!! Sounds like they might be carrying some disease too, which would lead to on going problems after the fight!

Gotta take that into consideration. I don’t wanna catch some crazy Badger aids or something??…So I guess I would take my chances against the Evil Monkeys.


Tell us the most recent thing you did for fun.

MYLA: Last week we went down to San Diego for the day to paint a wall with 3 of our favorite people, Kems who was in town from Boston and San Diego locals Surge and Persue.

We always have the best time hanging out with those guys.

What would you do if you were given a million dollars?

DABS: Exactly what we are doing now. I wouldn’t change my life right now in any way!

I guess if we had that extra cash it would be pretty nice to buy a house in the hills though..and maybe take a bunch of our friends here on a trip to Australia!

Would love to take all our American friends to see our home city!


Both of you tell us what the others two best qualities are.

DABS: Myla is so genuinely nice and sweet its crazy! I don’t think I’ve ever met a person as good as her and doubt I ever will!

She is an amazingly quick learner and an incredible cook. And she smells like strawberries and always looks like a million dollars!

MYLA: Dabs is the funniest person I have ever known….it seems he’s always making me laugh about something! He is super kind hearted and generous and I love being around him everyday! Also, I think he is the most beautiful person in the world!

DABS:Guilty as charged!!

Do you like to play or watch any sports?

DABS: I haven’t played any sports since was a teenager, but i do love to watch Australian Rules Football. Its such a great game!

A lot of people outside of Australia are unfamiliar with it…Its not soccer..and its not Rugby…It is its own thing..and its great!!

Caaaaarnnnnn’ the Hawks!!


Share with us a little known fact about yourselves.

MYLA: We have not been apart from each other for one whole day in the last 6 years!

I think the longest amount of time has been like 16 hours!

Sandwich or Burrito?

DABS: Sandwich all the way!! I love a great sandwich…is pretty much my favorite food!

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Interview by Adam