Color Ink Book The DIY Art Periodical

Color Ink Book is a quarterly print art publication produced by The Brothers Washburn, Adam and Jason, featuring approximately 8-12 new artists each issue. The name Color Ink Book comes from the unique ability for the periodical to double as a coloring book, as the content within is featured in black and white. The Brothers Washburn also produce exclusive artist toys, apparel, prints and more. In addition to their online store, you can find them at San Diego Comic Con, Designer Con as well as many other local events, galleries, shops and conventions. Color Ink Book continues to showcase numerous artists ranging in styles, including Ron English, Glenn Barr, Nychos, Paul Frank, Skinner, Alex Pardee, Bob Dob, Tokidoki, Angry Woebots and many more creative geniuses! The Brothers Washburn is a family-owned and operated business, established in 2008 and based in Southern California. All merchandise is made in the USA.

PO Box 3087, Oceanside, CA 92051

Adam Washburn
Owner & CEO

Christine Washburn
Owner & CFO

Jason Washburn
Editor-in-Chief & Graphic Design

Jamie Hendon

Lindy Washburn

Meghan Fontana
Marketing Director

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