More Words from Luchuk

What was the last GOOD movie you have seen?


Tell us something we should know about beards.

They have super powers and they will save the world from ending on 12/21/12…oh and chicks love them 😉

What projects do you have in the making?

I’m getting my passport again so I would love to start doing some art shows in San Diego and L.A., my idea is to start moving my work in the States and also I have the idea of going to Mexico, D.F. to promote my work there also.

I’m currently I’m working on new illustrations and i have a project with my girl who is a fashion designer, it’s called “Partners in Crime”

We have the idea of creating these cute/sick/freaky plush toys, illustration and in the future some vinyl toys.

She helped me out to give life to one of my characters on my last expo which was in April, so everything is going very nice and smooth ;).

Who is your all time favorite villain?

I would say the one that lives in my mind, that’s the way I’m able to do my thing you know? He is my everyday battle and I feel proud every time I get to defeat him and start a new challenge.

What are your favorite mediums to work with?

Ink and pencil, acrylic paint, old paper, wood, water colors…lately I have been experimenting with coffee and soy sauce to create like a very old vintage feeling on paper.

Which Star Wars movie do you like the most, and why? And which do you like the least, and why?

Man! That’s a tough one! I love “Empire…” because of Boba Fett and all the drama between Luke and Vader, but I’m also a big fan of “Jedi” specially because of the Jabba’s Palace scene, I’m a big sucker for aliens…and the least? Phantom Menace, Why? 3 words: F*** Jar Jar!!

Who is on your play list?

Lately… Emmure, Enter Shikari, Esthero, Anthony Green, Will Haven, Badbadnotgood, The Chariot, Dilute and some good ‘ol favorites: Deftones, Sunny day real estate, Helmet, Poison the Well, Glassjaw, Pantera and Billie Holiday.

Where can you be found on a Friday night?

If I’m not home or at a coffee shop or at a little bar or with my bros grabbing a bite to eat or with my girl planning how we will blow up the Death Star <3.

Where are the best eats in town and what are you having?

In downtown Tijuana on the streets we have these little cars called “Tacos Varios” these are kick ass tacos with many choices of traditional Mexican cuisine like Milanesa (breaded meat) ,Chile Rellenos (Stuffed chiles with cheese), Mole and a lot of choices.

There’s also the “Empanadas Argentinas” place which are Argentinean savory stuffed pastries and also we have Tony’s New York Style Pizza.

Tell us a little known fact about yourself.

If I wasn’t illustrating and creating I would love to be a trucker, a lumberjack, a chef or a weatherman at the weather channel. Really, no joke jajaa.

If you could colab with anyone who would it be?

Travis Millard or Alex Pardee.

Anything you would like to tell us about that we left out?

Stay tune for the new stuff, some new zines coming soon, stickers and a whole lot more ;).

Sandwich or Burrito?

I’m faithful to the good ‘ol Taco! 😀

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Interview by Adam