Words from Aaron Crawford

Tell us a bit about yourself

My name is Aaron Crawford. I’m a full-time artist / illustrator. I get to stay up all night drawing monsters. And I somehow get paid for it. I live in Soul City, aka the home of James Brown, aka, Augusta GA. Also the home of the masters, but who gives a shit about golf.

What does 2011 have in store for you?

Right now, I’m mostly working on merchandise and painting commissions, and stuff for my Solo exhibit in May called “Pause And Claws”, which I’m painting pictures of animals with different powers or capabilities, that make them different than their peers in the animal kingdom. Some can fire lasers out of their eyes, or are abnormally large, and physically deformed and Intimidating. Each one is unique in their own way. Whether its good or evil. I’m extremely excited about this show because I’m branching off and trying new mediums, like sculpture, to create physical pieces of each animal that are missing from the actual painting itself. Sort of like the missing puzzle piece, only I made it. I’m also tediously inking each piece, just like I would on a smaller piece of paper, so each painting is also accompanied with detailed lines and texture. It’s stressful at times, but exciting to push myself as well.

Where does you affection for things dark and creepy spawn from?

Ever since I was a lil tater tot, I’ve had a fascination with horror and macabre movies. When I was a kid, I’d fall asleep watching Texas chainsaw massacre, or Creepshow, and I’d end up dreaming up all sorts of weird shit. Then I’d wake up and try to draw what I saw in my head. Most of it sucked, but at least I was trying. I guess it mostly stems from growing up and having a cool family that let me watch the grossest and most disturbing horror movies anytime I wanted. If it had slime or guts, I probably watched it.

How much time each day do you allot for your craft?

My schedule is crazy from day to day. Sometimes I’ll wake up, grab food, come home, start sketching ideas for projects, then work straight through the night until about 6 am the next day. Other days, I’ll go hang out with friends, have a few beers, then start my “work day” at about 1 am, and go straight through the night.

Do you have a favorite horror film?

I have a bunch of them! Where to start?!

If so what and why?

That’s a hard question to answer. I’ll pin it down to one for you. My most recent favorite horror movie would have to be a film by Michael Dougherty called TRICK R TREAT! It really captures the essence of all of our favorite parts of Halloween. Werewolves, zombies, creepy neighbors, and of course, getting candy. (check it first kiddos!)

Where is the best place to go for a bite?

My friend Josh just opened an amazing sandwich shop in downtown called Knuckle Sandwiches. I was lucky enough to get to hang some art in there, and really be a part of this new delicious place. Probably my favorite place to eat as of late. They have a pulled pork sandwich, Which is covered in a BBQ sauce made with PBR. It’s called the PBR-BQ. For those non meat eaters, they have amazing fries and a veggie burger as well. An all around awesome place.

Do you have a favorite monster/creature?

I’d have to say, the monster I was most fascinated with when I was a kid was the Cryptkeeper! I also had an obsession with John Carpenters The Thing. A head that sprouts spider legs, and deformed alien dogs?! Fuckin rad.

Any bands we should be listening to?

I’ve been jamming a lot of Skeletonwitch, and some black metal bands like Immortal and Marduk. I’m always trying to find new music, whether metal, hip hop, etc.

What are you afraid of?

Those 4 am evangelical preachers on late night tv. Someone out there believes the stuff these guys are spewing, and that’s pretty terrifying.

Saw or Paranormal Activity?

The original Saw was rad. A pretty brutal movie. But now, it’s turned into this thing we expect to come out every year, and they all look the same. I’m not bashing the series, but, ok, yea I am. It’s just not a fun series to me anymore. Paranormal Activity was as exciting as watching Oprah take off her blouse.

Where does you color palette come from?

I’ve always loved bright and eye catching colors. And when I create a grotesque deformed beast of some sorts, he might be a little disturbing to look at, but he’s so colorful, you can’t help but examine him. I guess stuff that is visually repulsive and disturbing, doesn’t always have to be dark. And when it’s a brighter shade of colors, it takes on a whole new feel, and maybe that deformed little monster isn’t ugly, he’s beautiful, and glowing.

Do you ever try to illustrate anything cute?

Cute is NOT what we aim for.

Sandwich or burrito?

Burrito! I mean, I’ll eat both of them at 4 am most of the time.

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