Words from Andrew Bell

With all these creatures in your head how do you have room for anything else?

I don’t really, I spend most of my time staring at the wall and drooling.

Love O-NO SUSHI, what was your inspiration for that?

I’ve always been fascinated by interesting food, and it doesn’t get much more interesting than really hardcore fresh sushi wherein the seafood is still moving on your plate. I was thinking about how horrible it must be to see your own parts prepared for a feast before your very eyes. Very horrible… but also very delicious. The piece is whimsical, but it’s also a statement on how disconnected we can be (physically and mentally) from the realities of our food chain.

What tunes are you listening to?

I usually have my playlist on super shuffle so it can be totally random, it will jump from Billie Holiday to the Descendants and then to Blonde Redhead. Keeps me on my toes. I just picked up the new Massive Attack and the Kleptones, and my friend MC Frontalot has a new album out, so those have been on rotation a bit.

What do you do when you’re not huffing mouthwash and free basing Clearasil?

Drinking beer and staring at a computer screen.

So when we are in New York and we are not eating at your place where are we eating?

Probably at a place down the street from me here in Brooklyn called The Habitat. Great craft beer rotation and delicious food, my wife and I are there at least once a week.

Would you like to tell us about any super secret things you have going on this year? If yes, what are they?

They are so super-secret that even I don’t know about them yet. I just rented a new studio space where I can be a little messier, so good things should come from that. Also a few toy projects from myself and others.

Cat shaving in a speedo or skydiving in a straight jacket?

Cat shaving; at least there is a chance I would survive.

Sports, play them,watch them,don’t care?

Mostly don’t care. I still like skateboarding and snowboarding if those count, but I don’t get to do either very often.. also, they hurt.

If you could be any super villain or super hero who would it be and why?

M.O.D.O.K. for hours of psionic killing and mind control fun!

What do you do for fun?

Work, watch movies with the wife, indulge my Team Fortress 2 addiction.

When did you start doing art full time and where does your inspiration come from?

I started doing my own work full time in 2005 when I quit my job at Nickelodeon. My inspiration comes from all over! Plants, animals, culture, fellow artists, and most of all just being in NYC. You see some seriously weird things if you live here long enough.

Sandwich or Burrito?

Yes please.

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interview by Adam