Words from Anjo Bolarda

What makes Anjo tick?

Being a Filipino, Our country is a melting pot of different cultures and also its in our blood to be very hardworking and passionate in our craft.

When taking on a new design project, what is your first step?

I finish it first inside my head; I have tiny workers inside it haha.

If you were to name your style, what would you call it?

I call it Sukiyaki-Western. I like mixing both cultures in many ways. East meets West, I kinda into that direction.

Tools of the trade?

I draw with pen…preferably Sharpies and tech pens and any smooth paper.

Where did the idea for Sushi Gang come from?

I dunno actually, it just came out. I love sushi and i always make songs out of it… then I end up makin’ illustrations inspired from Japanese food. You could actually draw inspirations from the food you eat hehehe. It’s fun.

Speaking of Sushi where is your favorite place to eat?

I love to dine in Japanese and Korean resto here in the Philippines. I love spicy food and both cultures serve the best spicy food. Oh plus Thai and Viet cuisine. You should try Asian food very delicious, you’ll forget the last letter of your name haha

What’s the deal with plaid?

I’m very attracted to plaids and oh patterns too. I like how lines are arranged in plaids and its very intriguing haha. I sometimes use them in my illustrations.

You seem to colab with a bunch of different artists. Do you feel this helps you grow?

Yeah it does. I met a lot of great artists locally and around the world, and collaborating with different designers isn’t just making illustrations with them but also learning their styles, their creative process and their culture as well. The artwork serves as a bridge to get to know more of the artist you are working with, regardless of your distance and differences in language. It will help you grow as an individual, as an artist because you learn and inspire by each other.

What colab work has been the most fun? and which was most challenging?

Oh I have one that is both fun and challenging. I created a character before named Oliver and used it in my collab project called EverywhereOliver. The idea of the project is for the designer to create a character too or a place where Oliver can take a tour or a visit. Its like what if I went into your world, what will I see, something like that. Its fun coz, I get a chance to work with…. I think 12 or more designers around the globe, from Asia to Europe. And seeing the characters they created and the world they made is kinda interesting. hahaha. You could actually Google it ” EverywhereOliver” to check it out. The challenging part is the language barrier and the time line. Coz most of them are very busy and I’m following a time line for its launch hehe.

Tell us a bit about 200/70 studios.

It’s my old portfolio umbrella. A design studio i put up to showcase my works but i transformed it as a design blog, (its now 200/70 blog) to showcase different designers around the globe. I love searching for new designers and artist, and I always wanted to be a medium to share their works and also get to know more about them. The name 200/70 came from the grade of my eyes. Coz I have astigmatism. Since my eyes are very important for me as an artist, and somehow 200/70 blog kinda reminds me to take care of my eyes, every time I visit the blog. Now my new site is www.heyanjo.com.

Are you more of a late night or early morning person?

hmmm…this is hard…my brain is a late night person but my body is active in the morning…I always sleep early but my brain functions while I sleep, its like my brain has its own mind. My brain is workaholic at night, and it’s giving me a hard time to sleep. Coz all of my ideas are brewed at night and my brain serve it the morning. My body is split into two so I can say I’m both. I don’t know if I explained this right coz its very complicated hehe.

Who are you currently listening to?

I’m currently listening to the Tenniscoats and Shugo Tokumaru, I’m into Avant Garde Neo Folk music and I also listen to songs featured in LaBlogotheque and Designer.mx, a very cool site where you could actually listen to a playlist of mixes created by different designers.

What was the last great book you read?

hmm the last book that i read was, “Its not how good you are but how good you want to be”, a book by Paul Arden, I finish the book about an hour, but it somehow helped me became the person i am right now, very inspirational 😀

Sandwich or burrito?

Sandwich, coz you could actually put anything on it.

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