Words from Anna Mullin aka Sneaky Raccoon

sneaky raccoon color ink book 3What birthed the moniker “Sneaky Raccoon?”

I came up with the name after thinking about the behavior of small animals and how they are so animated and full of character, as well as how cheeky they can be. I then thought of a raccoon with it’s black facial marking, sneaking a cookie from a cookie jar and voila! Sneaky Raccoon.

Who would you most like to collab with and on what?

There are a lot of great artists and illustrators that I’d love to work with – too many to name! – Some of which I have been fortunate to have already collaborated with. I would like to work with Catalina Estrada on some painted and printed work as her work also features a lot of animals. As well as the big names in character design, I do like to hear from anyone who wants to collaborate or would like a specific custom toy made. I like to have a creative challenge to do!

sneaky raccoon color ink book 1Who is your all time favorite video game character?

I think it has to be Yoshi from Super Mario because he is so cute, but I think that Mario has always been my hero, but then again, Sonic is so uber-cool… haha. I used to play a lot  of Sonic when I was little on my Sega Master System!

What is your favorite medium to work in, and why?

I like to draw with pencil, but I think that my favorite medium will always be Acrylic paint as it’s so smooth and the colours are always so bright and vibrant.

sneaky raccoon color ink book 4Top five recording artists?

Erm – hard one! In no particular order as I love music!

Kings of Leon, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Aretha Franklin, Nick Drake, Led Zeppplin.

What inspires you the most?

Nothing in particular. I find inspiration in all sorts of things really. I love going window-shopping and  looking at random items in shops and then perhaps a colour or shape might make me think of an idea or a character to draw. I think that my best friends and people close to me inspire me more than anything else as they are full of life and creativity. They also make me laugh!

sneaky raccoon color ink book 5Do you have any pets? If so, what?

I wish that I had a pet. My Gran used to have dogs when I was little so I used to really like to go on walks with them. I had a hamster for a while but he went to heaven one day while I was away working – but one day I would like to have a dog again. Apartments are no fun for doggies.

What suit is your favorite in Super Mario 3?

The Tanooki suit of course! Who wouldn’t want to turn into a raccoon that can fly?!

sneaky raccoon color ink book 2When did you decide to pursue art?

I’ve always drawn. My mother used to carry around paper and pens for me in her bag for when we went out, and my parents happily encouraged me to draw because it made me happy. I then continued to pursue art and illustration throughout my education.

Burrito or sandwich?

Sandwiches are typically English, so I’d have to say Sandwich, although a do like a spicy burrito every now and then.


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