Words from Big Money Rodan

Why the beard?

It just fits. Luckily, the wife likes it as well.

Describe your style of art in three words or less.


Why pitbulls?

If you ever had one you’d know but to try and sum it up they are the most intelligent, loyal and loving animals on the planet called earth.

Any upcoming projects or ventures we should know about?

I’m trying to get a podcast together and I want to record an EP this year. Hopefully find some time to paint some more ish.

If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be?

The Rza, I can’t explain how much 36 Chambers has changed my life everytime I hear it I think oh yeah you really can do something great with minimal resources.

If you could be any superhero, who and why?

Ghost Rider…. He’s not my favorite hero (not even in my top 20) but what could be better than having your alter ego be a flaming skeleton who’s the spirit of vengeance.

Best places to eat.


What’s your best, earliest memory?

GI Joes!!!! I remember spending hours digging trenches, setting up headquarters and waging wars with those amazing little figures.

What’s your inspiration?

Art: Equal parts Beastmaster, Minor Threat, The Wu (circa 1993 – 1999), John the Baptist and Doughnuts.

Life: That people can be better to each other than we currently are.

Religion: Love!

Diet: Respect for life.

Getting up in the morning: My wife!

Sandwich or burrito?

Machaca burrito from Pokez (vegan)!!!

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interview by Meghan