Words from Bigfoot

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When did you first decide you wanted to be an artist?

In Second grade I wanted to be a comic strip illustrator…. I would draw Garfield over and over… practicing trying to draw comics from the Sunday funnies. I lost sight of it for a while and when I got my first skateboard in 6th grade around 85′ I started drawing again being influenced from skateboard graphics. Then a few years later my hippie philosophical persona began, and that’s when my art exploded.

Where do you find inspiration for your creations?

Everything from Hanna-Barbera to all things Japanese, images of Buddhism, rock and roll, all indigenous cultures, the 1970’s and most importantly nature.


How did your Bigfoot character come about?

At a early age I saw Leonard Nimoy’s “In Search Of” TV show, most notably of course the Bigfoot episode. It left a lasting impression to say the least; through my early childhood and then teenage years the thoughts of Bigfoot shaped my religion and perception of our existence on this planet. These feelings grew and eventually collided with my art and I realized that Bigfoot embodies all that I care about in this world. I am a Misanthropic creature and I believe humans are a plague on this planet. Therefore I dedicate my life to drawing Bigfoot characters.

What super secret projects do you have in the works that you can share with us?

I’m planning to go to Japan and stay there for 3 months. Making art in a abandoned shack on a sacred mountaintop, that no human will ever see. My audience will be spirits and nature, far away from the possible acclaim of superficial American humans.

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Pets, do you have any? If so, names and types please.

Some things are personal and I do not wish to display to strangers on Internet. Please understand.

What is your favorite meal of the day and do you have a favorite place you like to go to?

The first meal of day is most important to me, without it I am very grumpy. I really like food styles from Japan, China, Vietnam, and India, and any combination of those 4. I am vegan for last 21 years so I prefer to eat at an establishment that does not have animal products on the premises. One of my favorite places in America is a place in Santa Cruz California called Asian Rose.


Do you have a type of medium you prefer to work in, and why?

I really like acrylic house paint. It comes in large quantity and the exterior kind is weatherproof.

Who are some artists that you admire?

My all time favorite artists are Rick Griffin and Stanley Mouse. Not only are they masters, they had long history creating art for The Grateful Dead. S ome artists I admire are Mike Giant, MQ, and Tomokazu Matsuyama.

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What was the biggest risk you have taken, and was it worth it?

My all time best-best friend and me founded a skateboarding shoe company as far as the concepts and aesthetic. The money powers and vultures eventually had their way with it. After 9 years I chose to quit after my best friend got fired. It was definitely worth it.

What do you like to do for fun?

Travel to Japan.


How does a typical day start?

I have green tea, and then I assess what needs to be done that day.

If you could go anywhere in the world for a visit where would it be, and why?

Japan, Japan, Japan, again and again. Because America is full of humanity’s eyes of judgement and is a land full of hypocritical Jesus freaks. Japan is mostly free of signs of Christianity; I give my soul to Lord Buddha Bigfoot.

bigfoot-colorinkbook-bigfootone-BF-Territory-ProofSandwich or Burrito?  

Sandwich. Because more than often I can find sandwich with tofu, than a burrito with tofu.

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Interview: by Adam Washburn