Words from Bishop 203

So do you prefer spray cans and walls, mouse and screen, or brush and canvas?
Ooooh, good one! honestly I have to say I prefer spray cans and walls any day, though my absolute favorite is freights. I haven’t been able to play with them for years but there is nothing better than a rusty old box car.

Tell us a little about your Bangels character.

My Bangels started out being “Bishops Angels.” They are little representations of myself. They have empty hearts and hollow heads. They are not the quickest guys around but are fun all the same. When I started putting them out on the streets I started calling them “Brooklyns Angels.” Their Whole purpose is simply to make people smile while passing by their new homes on the street.

Why do the Bangels have heart cutouts?

They are little versions of me. I am essentially teasing myself for not being able to find some one to fill it yet…

What plans do you have for the near future? Gallery shows?

SOME ONE GIVE ME A SHOW!!! (pretty please)
I guess I plan is to keep playing on the streets, pushing myself for new styles again, and hopefully one day have a vinyl figure made of my guys.

Where is the best place to grab tasty eats ?
Best brunch is Alma in Red Hook, Brooklyn for sure! Just ask for the bowl of green eggs and life is amazing. There are tons of amazing french bistros in Red Hook as well; Pit Stop, Sugar Lounge, etc. (I should live in Red Hook I guess.)

Are there any artists you would like to colab with?
So many! Kofie, Crayola, Swoon, Joe Ledbetter, Space Invader, Dalek, Kaws, Sub, Matt Siren, Dark Cloud… Basically anyone that is chill and putting in work really.

What is the best recent movie you have seen?
Lucky Number Sleven. (Not that recent but still farging amazing!)

What do you do when you’re not working?

Netflix, beer, popcorn, girls, art shows… Maybe not in that order.

Have you had the opportunity to kill an Iphone yet?

I am extremely clumsy. I drop it all the time but for some reason my ‘wizard’ puts up with me and stays strong. I have cracked the screen once but over all I have been lucky. I should probably get a case but that would make too much sense.

Who are you listening to?
Bisco Smith, Gift of Gab, Aesop Rock, Matt & Kim, Masta Ace, Modest Mouse, The Rubs’ History of Hip Hop…

Sandwich Or Burrito?
Sandwich from the bodega across the street wins every time! Though I did have the best burrito of my life in the Mission some where in San Fran. (It was sexy.)

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interview by Adam