Words from Burn353

What is behind the name Burn353?

Back when I did traditional graffiti I had a couple of friends refer to me as burn. Because most of my pieces were large and they stayed up for a long time. When a piece stayed up and didn’t get painted over, it was called a burn. I use to tag the 353 which came from my last name. I turned the E’s and the S in Henske to numbers (H3n5k3). So I eventually put the two together and came up with burn353. I have done artwork under the name burn353 for about 15 years now.

Do you prefer painting walls or canvas?

I just prefer painting on anything that will sit still long enough. I have no preference. I have painted trains, walls, canvas, doors, wood, paper, people, etc…

What is your favorite form of transportation?

Either my chopper or my skateboard.

Where would you like to travel to that you have never been?

I would love to go to both Hawaii and Italy.

What are we going to do on a Friday night in your city?

Probably hit up some skate spots then go to some art shows. Or we could sit in my studio and play video games. Either way I’m good.

World Domination where do we start?

Every time I do some world domination, I prefer to start at the spray paint section of Wal-mart. It is usually a great place to get things started.

Favorite toys growing up?

Skateboard, Stompers, He-Man action figures, Thunder-cat action figures, Transformers, and anything that had to do with either Dukes of hazard or the A-team.

If you could colab with any artist who would it be?

I would say, either Jeremy Fish or Jose Parla. They are two of my favorite artists.

What bands are blowing your mind right now?

I love all kinds of music. My favorite bands are Tool, Misfits, NIN, Aesop Rock. However, right now Pour Habit and the Flatliners have been blowing up my speakers.

What type of things inspire you?

My two daughters. They are 5 and 6 and they pretty much help me see things in a total different way. They are my biggest critics. If i show them a painting they will straight up say, “why did you use pink daddy? I think it should be red.” LOL. I find inspiration all around me. Anything from my girlfriend to the trees outside will inspire me.

What was a favorite recent movie you saw?

Paranormal Activity and Black Dynamite

Sandwich or Burrito?

Life is too short to choose just one, so I say both.

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Interview by Adam