Words from Chris Bachalo

hip flaskWhat are you reading right now?

Reading Watchmen and listening to Road Dogs by Elmore Leonard…

Where is the best shop to spend a Friday night?

Don’t tell any one but I haven’t been to a comic shop in years. Typically I’m pretty drained on Friday night and find the best thing to do is sink into the couch and kill the evening with an episode or two of Dexter or The Wire…

Amazing Spider-Man 555 Color Ink Book

What has been your favorite project to date?

Tie. Steampunk and Witching Hour.

What has been your favorite Halloween costume?

Mummy. Except  I came unraveled halfway through the evening…

hip flask 1What is your all time favorite cartoon?

The Chuck Jones directed WB cartoons…

Where is the best place for lunch?

Wings. Nice patio by the lake and best chicken quesadilla anywhere…

x-men 192 cover chris bachalo Color Ink Book

Any new creator owned work in the near future?

I anticipate new Steampunk books at some point….

East Coast or West Coast or the Great White North?


hip flask 2Where do you find inspiration?

Empty bank account….

Burrito or Sandwich?


wonder woman chris bachalo Color Ink Book

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