Words from Chris Dyer

chris dyer color ink book skateWhere do you find inspiration for your art?

Everywhere, everyone. I love a lot of things, so I experience them to the max and then express them through my work. The list of these things is long, but if you observe my art it becomes obvious.

What mediums do you prefer to work with, and why?

I like to switch it up depending what I need to express and where. Mostly acrylics for paintings and spray paint for murals, but I also use watercolours, ink, oils, etc. Variety is key for exploration and fun.

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What is your all-time favorite video game?

Hmm, that’s a tough one, ‘cause it depends on the mood. I like the Contra games for Nintendo n Super but then Tetris on GameBoy is super fun too. Mario Land is great and then Skate or Die (1 n 2) was the best at their time. Mega Man 2 was tough but fun too, n I love all the colors n characters of that series of games.


Does music influence your work, and whom are you listening to these days?

It can, but mostly it is just my companion of many painting hours, setting a fun mood to work with. I am a record collector, so it’s all about hidden vinyl gems. Mostly progressive rock, fusion jazz, and other trippy rarities.
chris dyer color ink book PositiveCreationsLilGWhat is your all-time favorite quote?

My friend Alex Grey wrote this one I really like:
“The artists soul is like a deer darting in front of our philosophical car. In a moment of shock we swerve, wreck our car, the deer escapes unharmed, and we need a new philosophy”.

Where can you be found on a Friday night?

At home, with my wife, after going out on a nice dinner date, watching a movie n making some art ‘till late. Not so much into parties anymore, but I’ll go n check out exhibition openings when it’s worth it.
Chris-Dyer_Montreal-MURAL-color-ink-bookWhat is your favorite thing about living in Montreal?

So much. Montreal is Canada’s coolest city. It is an ancient volcano that grew out of a big river, not too big, not too small, but the cheapest of them.  Its’ is mostly musicians, students and artists, so it’s a young population that keeps things fresh n fun. There are lots of music festivals, murals everywhere, a tight skate community and lots of underground talented people. There is beautiful European architecture, French language and a multicultural population. The best kept secret.

If you could go back in time to meet anyone, who would it be and why?

It would have been cool to meet my grandfather, who died in a car accident before I was born. Historically, I think chilling with Leonardo Da Vinci would be pretty epic n inspiring.

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DeLorean or TARDIS?
DeLorean for sure!!! I am massive BTTF fan and have a replica of that time machine in my office.

Where is your favorite place to find your peace, your center?

I think I should be able to find this peaceful center anywhere, but in reality the city stimulates my mind and keeps me running. I’m a hyperactive workaholic. So in order for me to chill only I need to go out n travel somewhere, give myself time to not work, see culture, ruins, chill in nature or by the sea. Enjoy the simple things of the planet.
chris dyer color ink bookAre there any shows, projects, or merchandise we can look forward to seeing from you?

That is always on the go. Right now I am in Peru, doing a solo exhibition at a big gallery in Lima, it was a big success and much fun. Next stop is Denver, Colorado en May.
As for products, I have a new hat out with Alternative Intelligence, various metal pins, tapestries, etc. And always more skateboard designs with Creation skateboards, which I manage.

Tell us a little known secret about yourself.
I used to suck my thumb till I was 9 years old. Than at 14 I joined a Peruvian street gang and beat up a cop with a broom at a big riot. All in my past.

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Sandwich or burrito?
I’m Latino, so a big veggie burrito (especially from California) is way funner than a sandwich, unless it’s a sangchon from Peru.
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Interview by Carrie Donnelly