Words from Chris Parks (Pale Horse Design)

Tell us a bit about Pale Horse Design…..
Hmmm… It’s a place where I create illustrations for apparel companies, design logos and custom typography, boss around my apprentice Emily and come up with toy designs that I hope will be sculpted in Japanese vinyl one day. I also participate in gallery exhibits throughout the year and try to sell my ridiculous shirts and prints in my online store.

What has been the most rewarding aspect of opening your own studio?
I love my job. I really do. I don’t make much money and I work way too many hours, but I get to wake up when I want and I just draw crazy shit all day. It’s what I’d be doing anyway even if I didn’t have to call it work. Hopefully I can do this forever.
Who are you listening to right now?
Murder City Devils, Big Business, The Bronx, Torche and Mastodon are staples here at the studio. Also been listening to a lot of audio books while drawing late at night. Fascinated by Richard Dawkins’ “The Greatest Show on Earth” and “The God Delusion”.

Do you think there has been a horror “re-make” worth watching?
I would have to say the only 2 good re-makes I can think of are “The Ring” and “Dawn of the Dead”. Even though the original, Japanese version “
Ringu” scared the shit out of me without comparison, “The Ring” was still super creepy and did a great job to not ruin the vibe of the original. The re-make of “Dawn of the Dead” definitely doesn’t top the original, but I thought it was a really entertaining zombie flick and it was gritty and gory.
What is you favorite medium to work in? Why?
I’m into creating wood engravings lately. The texture and colors of the natural wood, mixed with precise laser etched line work looks so killer! It’s a perfect way to blend digital and physical mediums in an interesting and timeless way.

Has there been a project you’ve been asked to be a part of and you thought “wow” me?

Yeah, I was recently contacted by the art director for G.I. Joe at Hasbro. A childhood dream come true for sure! I love those situations when you are thinking “I’m not really sure why you choose me to create that for you, but I’m glad you did!” I’d like to tell more, but everything with Hasbro is currently under wraps.

What has been Achilles up to?
Ah, yes…. He’s actually scheduled to be Mr. December, as I call him, for an upcoming, 2011 calendar called “The Unexpected Pit Bull”. We’re super stoked to see him in it!
Did you have a favorite animated show growing up?
Thundercats Hoooo!
Who is the greatest fighter in the octagon?
I like B.J. Penn. He’s so crazy and always fun to watch, but If I have to choose the greatest fighter to enter the octagon, that would have to be Anderson Silva. He’s a modern day fucking, Bruce Lee, but boring as hell to watch lately. He’s just toying with people. I’m stoked on the Japanese, Dream fight coming up with Nick Diaz VS. Sakurai. The time difference is a killer though. Gotta watch it at like 4am.

Sandwich or Burrito?
I could eat burritos everyday of the week.

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