Words from Cody Schibi

When you’re not drawing what are you doing?

….music.  I play & listen to music in my free time.  A good nap with the dogs is also a frequent event.

What does Austin have to offer?

….besides the obvious like great weather, Austin is an extremely creative city.  There is always something going on.  I work in film often doing storyboards & conceptual art and Austin is one of the top cities in the film industry

Whose work inspires you?

……Crumb, James Jean, David Lynch, Geof Darrow…the list goes on & on & on..

Army of Darkness or Evil Dead?

…….Evil Dead II is my favorite of the three, but they are all movies I religiously watch.

Where is the best place to grab lunch at?

………P.Terry’s for their burgers, Galaxy Cafe for their fish wrap.

Any plans for 2010?

……..I’m illustrating a book, have a few exhibits lined up & just want to get my art out there for people to see.

Wal-Mart your thoughts…….

……..I was guilty of their $5 DVD bin in the past, but it is a disgusting & evil place.

What are your “tools” of the trade?

……..pen & ink are my dominant tools as I’m mostly a black & white guy.  I’m recently moving to using my mac to add color to my illustrations..

Best way to kill time?

…….a blunt object &/or sleep.

Sandwich of Burrito?

……being born & raised in South Texas the burrito is a necessity in my diet.

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