Words from Cody Vrosh

cody vrosh cib color When did you first decide you wanted to be an artist?

I could easily say when I was a wee boy, but in all honesty, it was when my dad died of cancer that I decided to make art my career.  I’ve drawn all my life of course, but it was that moment in my life that shaped my path towards full timing it.  Life is short, dreams slip by, I want to wake up every morning overwhelmed with excitement for the day’s opportunity to create.

Where do you find inspiration for your creations?

YouTube animal videos, TED Talks, Star Trek.


Does music play a role in the creative process, and who are listening to?

I listen to music pretty much constantly, and what I play definitely has an effect on what a piece will end up looking like.  Sad songwriters for mournful detail, hip hop for loose graphics, Punk for dirty paint flinging, and some form of electronic for hypnotized pattern making.  Way into gypsy music right now, Beirut and DeVotchka.  Never ending Bowie as well.  On a somewhat side note, I couldn’t live without my ukulele breaks.

What super secret projects do you have in the works that you can share with us?

BOOOOOKS!  Working on 2 new books simultaneously.  Kickstarters and release parties tba.

Pets, do you have any? If so, names and types please.

Two betta fish, an angry one called Baron Harkonnen and one that doesn’t do much, whose name alternates from Lazy Gary to Gazy Larry, depending on whether he seems apathetic or wistful.  I hope to one day be friends with an adopted squirrel who rides a Shiba Inu.

cody vrosh color ink book

What is your favorite meal of the day? And where are we going to eat when we come out to visit?

Lunch!  Simple breakfast, monk’s dinner, but lunch you can pretty much eat anything.  We should go to either Central Vegetarian in Alameda or Oakland’s Souley Vegan, vegan soul food, no joke, it’s amazing.

Do you have a type of medium you prefer to work in, and why?

Technical pen and watercolor.  I’m a sucker for fine detailed linework but it turns me into a perfectionist control freak.  Watercolor is a fickle mistress and refuses to be controlled so much.  For me, that creates a really good balance.

cody vrosh cib

Some artists that you admire.

Too many!  Mike Mignola, David Petersen, Gustave Dore, Mucha, Schiele, Tamara De Lempicka, Frazetta, Sam Weber, Enki Bilal, Joao Ruas, James Jean, Eric Fortune, Tomer Hanuka, Patrick Nagel, Emonic, Aubrey Beardsley, Franklin Booth, HaiNaNu Saulque, William Stout, Frazer Irving, Timothy II, Brandon Graham, Barbara Canepa, Mike Dubisch, Way$hak, N8 Van Dyke, Dave Correia, Jae Lee, Eric Canete, Ted McKeever, Fiona Staples, Ray Harryhausen, John Romita Sr./Jr., man, I could do this all day.  Insane amounts of talent abounds.

What was the biggest risk you have taken, and was it worth it?

Quitting my day job was terrifying and it was totally worth it.

The last good movie you saw.

Doomsday Book.  I love me some Korean vignettes.

cody vrosh cib ink book

How does a typical day start?

The sun rises in the east.  Mantras, yoga, and toast (I’m secretly a total hippie).

If you could go anywhere in the world for a visit where would it be, and why?

Ireland, for I am Irish, mostly.  I picture Ireland as a utopia of whiskey, profanity, and sad-then-happy-then-sad folk songs.

Sandwich or Burrito?

All the burritos!


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Interview by Adam Washburn