Words from Deplanetart


Any artist out there right now really inspiring you?

I’m gonna have to say Walt Disney; looking back at old sketches has really been pushing me to draw more.

Who have a unique spin on art: where does your inspiration come from?

Currently I’ve been seeing some very interesting paintings coming from the brain of Guillermo Hoffman, (KILL THREE ENN). Always a treat.

However my inspiration usually comes from a small pit in my belly. I am a very emotional guy, so when I cry I draw, and when I draw I poop, and when I poop I cry. So it’s a vicious unstoppable cycle really.

But more often I think it comes from a clean white piece of paper and a nice dark pigment liner. I lay down the first line or two, and the piece takes shape all on its own.

I usually have no idea what I’m doing until its half done to be completely honest, but I think that is exactly what makes it mine.


Where is the best place to go once the bars close?

Well, I live in San Diego, the home of the waffle fry. So I often hit up my hommie CARL’s pad for a number six. YA DIGG!!!

When was the last time you fell asleep before 9PM?

A few hours ago, in class.


Who are you listening to?

Blonde Redhead (misery is a butterfly) at the moment.

but I listen to music 90% of my day so, that will change in a few minuets.

Any recurring dreams?

I keep having this dream where I wake up in my bed, and I’m trying to get out of my room, but every time I reach the door knob I wake up in my bed again still in the dream.

That will happen about three to five times before I actually wake up, then I’m freaked out thinking I’m still dreaming. Man, I have problems :/


Ever seen a remake that was better than the original?

Not that I can think of, but I have been watching all the Indiana Jones movies on a loop. AWESOME.

What is the best venue to go see a band play?

Kava lounge, when Daedalus is in town.

Deplanetart_color_ink_book_2Which of Clues endings is your favorite?

I love them all but if I had to pick a favorite, I would have to say the one where Miss Scarlet is the villain, and she argues with Wadsworth about the bullets.

1+1+2+1 hahahaha!

Sandwich or Burrito?

QUE PASO. BURRITO of course.

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