Words from +Eyeformation+ or +EF+

e+f kris_photoWhat is the story behind the City Bird?

+EF+: CITY BIRD was a character that I had been kicking around for a few years before the project ever started. Its simplicity made it very easy to put out as a “DIY” (Design it Yourself) open call project. I made the template available on my site in 2007. Since then, I have received hundreds of customized CITY BIRDS from all around the world. The PDF is still on my site so I welcome anyone interested to come join the flock.

Ever wanted to wrestle an alligator?

+EF+: I toured with the Animal & Reptile wrestling circuit from 1998-2003. Lots of travels, smiles and scars. I’ve since retired and have no plan of turning back.

+EF+ +EYEFORMATION+ ef eyeformation eye formation Color Ink Book sdcc

What is the best movie remake?

I guess the remake of Kevin Bacon’s “Quick Silver” tops my list.

When was the last time you locked you keys in your car?

+EF+: Can’t really remember the last time when a car was involved. Those key fob things make it quite difficult actually. However, I do lock myself out of my studio about three days a week.

E+FYour design seems to vary from project to project where do you find inspiration?

+EF+: I find inspiration in any area of blank space. Places that need to be filled with lines,dots and sometimes color. Projects are a great way for me to shift my interests around.

What’s with the moniker +Eyeformation+?

+EF+: There’s really no cool story or meaning behind the name eyeformation. Its just what I’ve been working under for the past nine years. I plan on inventing an interesting answer for this question in the future.

+EF+ +EYEFORMATION+ ef eyeformation eye formation Color Ink Book BOOM BOX

Who has influenced you most?

+EF+: Mr. Television. He always there in the background.

Do you remember the first time you used spray paint?

+EF+: In 1983 I spray painted my bike. Chrome was the rage so I converted my flat black Huffy into a crude silver creation. Unfortunately, the results were not well received.

+EF+ +EYEFORMATION+ ef eyeformation eye formation Color Ink Book LA

What is your favorite flavor of Doritos?

+EF+: These things kill me. But if I had to choose it would be the Cool Ranch variety. However, I’m only good to eat about 10 chips.

Sandwich or Burrito?

+EF+: Burrito with rice and bean hold the meat. Wait no… Sandwich! The variety options are endless with a sandwich. I much prefer bread over flour wraps.

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