Words from Gus Fink

How did you get your start in toys?

I’ve always wanted to create toys since I was a kid, so once I started making a living off my artwork back in 2000 I would draw up designs for toys on paper – it wasn’t until I had hand made sculptures and plush of my designs that had companies interested in making them. Once I started doing this I had 4 different companies wanting to work with me I ended up working with one of them and created 4 different toy lines for them the Boogily Heads, Stitch Kittens, Puff Dogs and Boogily Bunnies. Some were based off my sculptures and others were made from my drawings.


Give us the lowdown on your Capsule toy release.

I just signed a deal with the biggest Capsule toy company out there. They’re going to be first releasing the Gooli Collection, which is a collaboration with my girlfriend Emi Boz and my Dr. Krinkles brand – The Gooli Collection is 7 different fun lovable monster characters that I also released a bag of one so far. These will be the first Capsule toys to be made based on an artist hand made sculptures very excited to when these come out – it will probably be about 5-6 months till they are available and I have several other lines I’m going to be releasing after them.

What’s your all time favorite album?

All time favorite is “Employer Employee” they only released one album called Sic and it’s the most powerful and creative metal music you can find.


A pizza box? Fantastic! How did that come about?

About a month ago or so they emailed me asking to design one. This place called Zen Pizza in Austin Texas can’t wait to get my hands on a few. They are also going to be selling the boxes with no pizza for an art show thing they do.

You seem to do just about every event: grueling or super fun?

It’s fun to travel and have new experiences all the time. But it can wear me out and leaves me missing my 2 daughters. It’s great to get out there now and plug away spreading the word and getting my work seen, but I don’t see myself doing as many shows in a few years I will focus on more of the projects that are in their beginning steps right now.


What is the best method to not fall asleep?

Caffeine works for me, that and Vitamins – but I can’t go longer then 24 hours without sleep. Sleep is amazing to recharge and feel 100% without it I can’t do anything nearly as good or as sane as I should. The oddest thing Emi and me had to do to stay awake driving a 19-hour haul was screaming as loud as we can to stay awake. It worked but I don’t suggest doing.

Do you have a favorite of the toys you’ve made?

I can’t pick one as an absolute favorite, it’s always most exciting doing something new and seeing it become a reality. I love the toys you are doing by the way and hope we can do something cool together in the future.


Tell us about Dr. Krinkles…..

As a Kid I had a fascination with Mad Scientist and alias names, but didn’t like Science much. Just wanted to play with messy stuff and have fund doing it I had an official Mad Science Kit back in the 80’s destroyed it the same day I got it but really loved the whole concept. So now I wanted to do something where I can have another company that sort of competes with the Gus Fink Brands but is slightly geared towards a younger crowd, not as edgy and less of the Fine Art that I do as Gus Fink – Dr. Krinkles is just full of ideas, properties and licensing happening.

When you’re not getting your grind on, what are you doing?

My usual day when I’m not traveling for a show is wake up, eat breakfast while reading the new emails – then off to the Gym, grab a slice of pizza afterwards – hangout with my kids for 3-4 hours and then paint, draw, work on projects till I fall asleep and then repeat the next day this gets broken up by fun business meetings and traveling for art shows n conventions. Yeah I probably sound boring because I never hangout or party my hanging out was tonight I met with game developers and we discussed our first game we are working together for a few hours while eating yes more pizza haha.


Do you ever perform your music live?

I used to be in a bunch of bands and would play out live, but since I had my daughters I decided to focus on my artwork since that brings in the money to feed and support them. So for now it’s just new music I come up with on my own and the Mac computer I work on. Once I make it big as an Artist maybe I’ll do a live thing here ‘n there for funs.

Best video game movie?

Hmm… I don’t know if they ever made a really good one so I will go with Resident Evil 3D I enjoyed that for the experience and entertainment although it didn’t remind me much of any of their games. Maybe they will make a horrible Sonic game to replace it or Zelda. hhaah


What should we be looking forward to from the mind of Gus Fink?

Many more toys, iphone/ipad apps and games and also apparel; these are things all in the works right now at different stages. Besides that brand spanking new artwork, paintings all that sparkling stuff ‘n fluff!

Sandwich or burrito?

I always loved the word Sandwich but I’m a burrito boy all the way since I’m vegbo and don’t eats the meats. They make better burritos for vegetarians then they do sandwiches. I even drew a Burrito monster for the first time earlier today so this interview is magic in the making – not the basketball player kind tho.

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