Words from Heiko Müller

lost in switzerland

Where is the best place to eat?
Where the heart is.

A solid part of your work contains animals. Why do you choose them as subjects?
My two-year-old son Louis still reacts to his surroundings completely without filters. He jumps with joy when he sees an animal on TV. He’s taking after his dad.

heiko Muller 5What is your favorite medium?
Coloured pencils (Prismacolor) on paper and oil on wood. On the other hand I recently bought four large canvases and really enjoy painting on them.

What medium gives you the biggest headache?
I don’t know why but somehow I forgot how to paint with acrylic.
heiko Muller 2Who inspires you?
It’s not so much a “who” than a “what.” The landscape around me is a source of inspiration: the woods, the fields, dunes and, of course, the domestic fauna. Recently I’ve been working in Till Gerhard’s studio. To see his paintings take shape inspires me more than I would have thought.
What part of the process is most enjoyable?
The moment after the last stroke of the brush. This is the one that changes the picture in a second. Only after this last stroke I’m able to say whether I got the atmosphere right that I wanted to create.

SaviorT-Shirt or Button-up?
A while ago I thought it’s kind of compulsory to show up in a suit when going to exhibitions or art fairs. I’m so happy I got over that. Black T-shirt and Jeans – that’s it.
Where is the best place to spend a summer afternoon?
On the beach with the family. Oh, cross out the beach. It doesn’t matter where you are as long as it’s with the family.

heiko Muller 1 Why have you not done any children’s books?
Recently, my son Leo had a nightmare. He said it was about a monkey who sat in a tree and stared at him. Then he imitated the monkey’s expression. I was shocked. It was exactly the monkey I had painted only a day before in my painting Study 08.

Sandwich or Burrito?

The waitress at my favorite Tex-Mex restaurant has the sweetest freckles I’ve ever seen.

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