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jbwhysciencenew-1024x689With “indie” comics getting more press, do you feel they are becoming less relevant?

Not at all, they still don’t get nearly as much press as your b-list celebrity. I think they’re in a good place now, where they’re noticed but not suffocating under their own weight.

Who would win in a fight between Robocop and Predator?

I think Robocop. Those predators turned out to be a dime a dozen, but there’s only one Robocop. I think his capacity for human emotion gives him the edge.

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A lot of your works contain what most may call insignificant moments; do you feel life has any insignificant moments?

No, I think life is so short and precious that everything is significant and important and we should appreciate it all. It’s not that I think people should see how interesting these moments are, but that they should recognize how meaningful they are.

Twenty One Jump Street or 90210?

That’s a tough one, I watched both of these shows religiously. Still, I’ll have to go with 90210. I always strongly identified with Dylan. By ‘strongly identified’ I mean ‘lived vicariously’ through.

Jbhowctsshrink021If someone were to adapt one of you autobiographical pieces into a film whom would you like cast as you?

Jack Black. Even my mother-in-law thinks I look like him, so this would be a great way to blur the line between reality and fiction.

What your biggest pet peeve?

Just how careless people are, things like throwing trash on the ground as they walk by a garbage can, run red lights and stop signs when there’s pedestrians right there… it wouldn’t take much to make the world a much better place.

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Do you ever worry about how someone is going to react to how you portray him or her in your work?

Yes, but I try to be fair, and make myself look at least as bad as anyone else, and I think it’s apparent that I’m not out to assassinate anyone’s characters. My comics have always been more about life and feelings and situations than the actual people I’m using to explore those ideas.

What are five comics everybody should be reading?

1. Acme Novelty Library by Chris Ware

2. Big Questions by Anders Nilsen

3. Jeff Lemire’s Vertigo series that comes out later this year

4. All Star Superman by Morrison & Quitely

5. Forlorn Funnies by Paul Hornschemeier

Given the power to stop any director from making any more films who would you stop and why?

I would never want to stop someone from a creative endeavor, I think everyone should be free to express their ideas in whatever medium they’d like to. That said, I would like to stop Peter Jackson, only for a moment, take him aside and say, “Look, Peter, Lord of the Rings was fantastic, but it got a bit longwinded at the end, and King Kong was an hour or more too long. Not everything needs to be a director’s cut, okay? Economy of expression and all that.’ That said, we’ll see how Lovely Bones turns out.

Sandwich or Burrito?

While a good burrito is certainly great, a sandwich tends to be much more versatile, with greater variety and less prep time. So sandwich.

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