Words from Jesse LeDoux AKA LeDouxville

CarnivalofLove_poster_finalWhat are you currently working on?

Lately, I’ve been working on trying to learn one-and-a-half flips off the diving board down at the lake. So far, I can only do one-and-a-quarters, which means I land with my face slamming into the water. It rips my eyelids open which not only hurts but also exposes my eyes to the questionable lake water.

Do you enjoy teaching art as much as creating it?

Absolutely not. I’ve only taught on a couple of occasions (a visiting instructor at the Art Institute of Boston and a workshop at Pyramid Atlantic Art Center in Maryland). Although I look back on them with fond regards, the time leading up to (and during) the teaching engagement was rather nerve wracking. I know it’s clichéd, but I’ve learned a lot from teaching, and it’s good to push yourself out of your comfort zone from time to time. But at the end of the day, I definitely prefer to be alone, making stuff.


What is your favorite restaurant?

C’Amelot on Rue Amelot in Paris. No question. With the exception of dessert (where you can choose between 3 desserts), you do not choose your meal. You have whatever it is they’re serving that night. Their menu changes every night and it’s always delicious. The place is pretty small though, so make sure you’re armed with a reservation.

When was LeDouxville born?

I left my position as an art director at Sub Pop Records in 2004 to move to Providence, RI. I knew I’d have a hard time finding as good of a job as the one I was leaving at Sub Pop, so instead of trying to find a new boss, I decided to start LeDouxville and become my own.

1giro05_3087_me2pinkbunnies_copy_jesse_ledoux_color_ink_bookKaraoke, your thoughts?

The trick is to ease into it. I like the rockers, so I’ll start with Suffragette City by David Bowie. From there, I’ll move into either War Pigs by Black Sabbath or Barracuda by Heart (though that song is TOUGH to find–I had to go to 7 places before I found one that had Barracuda in the books!). If there’s time, I might change it up a bit with T. Rex or The Animals. And then close out the night with Highway Star by Deep Purple.

I lived in Japan last year and HOLY CRAP! They have the ultimate selection. Barracuda is an EASY. They even have Run to the Hills by Iron Maiden! I sure miss that place.

Drive In or traditional theater?

DRIVE-IN! There is one outside of Providence that plays double features, on 3 screens. Set up some lawn chairs on a warm summer night and you’re on the fast track to an awesome evening.


What are your thoughts on rain?

It’s a lot more fun when it turns to snow.

Who is a better actor Keanu Reeves or CG Keanu Reeves?

Are you referring to that movie A Scanner Darkly? I think I fell asleep during that, so I’m not adequate to judge. With that said, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure truly was an excellent adventure.

1pedro_posterfinal_jesse_ledoux_color_ink_bookWhat is your favorite album design that you have done and what is your favorite album design?

It was a true honor to create the art for Elliott Smith’s ‘Pretty, Ugly Before’ single. I’ve been a big fan of Elliott’s for a long time–seeing his old band Heatmiser play in Portland while I was still in high school.  The single was his last release before his death and will always hold a soft place in my heart.

My favorite cover that someone else has done is Pink Floyd’s album ‘Animals’ by Storm Thorgerson. How many times in your life are you able to create an enormous pig shaped balloon and float it over London? And when you do get the opportunity, what are the chances of the pig escaping? I’m still waiting for my chance.

Sandwich or Burrito?

I’ve had an equal number of epic burritos and sandwiches, so I’m a hung jury on this one. Without knowing where the burrito or sandwich was coming from, I’d say burrito, as it’s much harder to screw up a burrito. Sandwiches have the potential of being pretty gnarly. But, I think they also have the ability exceed the deliciousness of a burrito.

So, choosing blindly: burrito. If I’m allowed to build my own Dagwood-esque marvel, I vote sandwich.

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