Words from Jon Owen

What is the first thing you do when starting a new project?

Find new and creative ways to avoid actually starting it.

The weekends are best spent doing what?

I’ve forgotten. I work every weekend for the last two and a half years in a second hand shop. I mostly haggle with miserable bastards over objects that I don’t understand whilst one of my eyes tries to close itself because of a hangover.

I am seeking new employment though; I’ll get back to you.

Any big plans for 2010?

It’s been pretty good so far; I haven’t had any time to make many plans. I have a few exhibitions and projects on the go and a few more coming in. I want to put on an exhibition at some point getting artists from other cities to exhibit in Leeds and in return get Leeds artists to do the same.

What was the first album you bought?

I got Ugly Kid Joe- America’s Least Wanted for Christmas one year. I think that was the first one I remember really wanting. My older sister tricked me into buying a Roxette tape I think before that, but that doesn’t count.

Nuclear power your thoughts?

As long as we can wake up in the morning, microwave a frozen lasagne and watch 12 straight hours of Simon Cowell and his bulbous head shatter the dreams of wave upon wave of the mentally ill who cares where the power comes from.

Whose art most inspires you?

There’s many, all for different reasons. Here’s some that spring to mind: Clayton Brothers, Jody Barton, Gary Taxali / Panter / Baseman, George Grosz, Joe Coleman, Christian Northeast, David Shrigley, Henning Wagenbreth… blagh blagh blagh.

When was the last time you planted something?

I don’t really plant things; I have a few plants round the house that get watered about twice a year. Maybe when I’m older and have a garden.

Are you a dog or cat person?

Dog probably. I had a cat once that went missing for 2 weeks and then turned up with stitches. My parents put some poster up saying thanks to whoever took it to the vet and a number to call if they wanted some money back from the bill. Then these people called saying that they’d owned our cat for something like 3 years and they thought it had originally been a stray. Anyway it must have been eating about 4 meals a day (that we know of), they’re deceitful little bastards.

What is your favorite family memory?

My sister recently had a baby girl, last time all our family were together was pretty good. I don’t think she got to hold her own child for about three days.

Sandwich or burrito?

I’ve not come across many decent Mexican food places in England, let alone Leeds. There’s a place called the taco company or something that just opened down the road but it’s pretty dire. I’d have to go with sandwich just through accessibility; the sandwich has always been there for me when I’ve needed it.

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