Words from Josef Buchanan AKA Been Deleted

In loving memory of  Josef Buchanan’s Moms………….
Tell us about “The Many Deletes of Been Deleted”…..
“The Many Deletes of Been Deleted” is a book project which I’ve “forced” on myself as sort of serial comic which serves as a way to tell the story of the many “interesting” situations that I’ve been in from birth until now, via illustration. Nothing is set in stone and I still have to get the first edition out and about….wish me luck.
What is the best thing about being an artist?
Hmmm, that is a tough one. One might say that the “paycheck” is a draw, but everyone knows that artists never make bank until they’re dead. So, I would have to say being able to get away with being socially awkward and having an excuse.
Late nights or early mornings?
I do my best work in the early mornings. I do pull a late-nighter every once in awhile, but coffee and working before the sunrise gets the delete going a bit better.
Could you tell us a funny story about Beatrix?
The wife and I were once showered by a very nasty and humbling version of a “Chocolate Fountain” courtesy of one Beatrix, she is only 8 months old, but wow….that is all I can say about that.
Who do people say you look like? Who do you think you look like?
I’ve been compared to Sloth from “THE GOONIES” and Maliki from “Children of the Corn”….I’m not pretty, but I believe I’m a bit more attractive than said “Sloth”, but kids are mean and I am a red headed/ginger type, so society judges.
Who do you listen to during your commute?
That really depends, usually in the morning is something mellow, aka Radiohead, Saso, Explosions in the Sky, Mogwai, but on the way home it is more Melvins, Don Caballero, Secret Chiefs 3, Estradasphere, Ghengis Tron, etc.
Tell us how you really feel about Denver?
My three years in Denver left me with severe bitterness and angst with the design/advertising field. My co-workers for the most part were the “who’s who” of high school preppies and jocks that would swirly me if it wasn’t for the fact that it would shine bad on client visits. It wasn’t all bad, there are a few proper shops around that joint like LEGWORK STUDIOS and I was able to catch the occasional show and hockey game.
What should we know about Josef?
Josef is growing old. I’m also realizing that I’m turning more critical of the “kids” which has me frightened of the upcoming mid-life crisis.
Iron Eagle or Top Gun?
IRON EAGLE, hands down. I’ll fight anyone who disagrees. The plot should speak for itself.
Sandwich or Burrito?
Obviously, judging from my “huskiness” I appreciate both, but I would take a proper burrito over a sammich any day.

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