Words from Julie West

Juile West bear giraffe Color Ink Book
Toys, clothing, skateboards even luggage; is there something you what to do but haven’t done yet?
Well, yes – I would love to do housewares. A set of plates and bowls and mugs. Plus things like bed sheets. I love putting artwork on useful everyday things.
Paul McCarty and Ringo Star are falling of a cliff and you can only save one; who would it be?
Probably Paul McCartney. Ringo Star annoys me a bit, though to be honest I am not even really sure why.
antlers Juile West Color Ink Book
Do you feel like a “UK” artist or just an artist?
I think probably just an artist. I am originally American, only moved to the UK about 3 and a half years ago. I now have dual nationality which makes things confusing. If there was an island in the middle of the ocean between the two I’d probably feel most at home there. Moving to a new country changes the way you look at where you came from, yet parts of the new culture will never feel like they are yours. So, I don’t really feel like either completely.
As a child what was your favorite story?
I used to read non stop. I don’t really anymore, so thats a bit sad I suppose. I loved everything – Nancy Drew, the Superfudge books – a book called “The Girl with the Silver Eyes”, about a bunch of kids that had super powers. I once considered trying to use paint pen to color my eyes silver to be like them, but thankfully I didn’t.
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Your work has a very “Julie West” feel to it; where does your style come from?
I often wonder that myself. If I look back, I think that I became attracted to certain materials before a style of drawing. I think the tools that I like to use (gouache, technical pens) affected how I drew. I originally wanted to be a graphic designer – so I think that the flatness and graphical quality stem from that. I also loved old engineering and technical drawings, so the linework was probably from that.
Heard any good news lately?
hmmm – not really! I just bought a car though, and its the best thing ever, its a Nissan Pao and I <3 it.
ninjagirl sketch Juile West Color Ink Book
Who is creating music worth listening to?
Tunng, Venetian Snares, and my lovely husband.
Would you rather fly or breath underwater?
Fly – I wouldnt like to be underwater for long periods of time. Though, I am a good swimmer, it would drive me a bit batty.
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Do you feel like the 2000’s have defined themselves yet?
Not at all really. It feels like the 80’s and 90’s all over again. Maybe I’m just getting old. 🙂
Sandwich or burrito?
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