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When you are not creating a mind-blowing works of art: what are you doing?

Thanks for the compliment.

When not doing my own thing, I work for clients whom I really enjoy; I’m currently overhauling some packaging for a company that makes industrial valves and its great fun. Apart from that I teach graphic design at Central Saint Martins in London two days a week, and sometimes I jet back home to Denmark to teach at the School for Visual Communication. At the moment I’m repeating a one day project on logo design for foundation students, to give it a twist I’ve made them design superhero/villain logos.

Whose work are you digging on now?

Old school animations like Jan Svankmajer and Lotte Reiniger, yeah, watching a lot of animation at the moment, so chances are that I’ll be doing animation again soon, but I really hope not, it takes so long and I’m not good at it.

Digging on information graphics, systems and mistakes, saw a sign the other day saying “Please use the entrance next to the hairstressers” and another advertising sadwiches.

I Love Word to Mother’s work and The Krah’s stencil work also really, really into Herbert Baglione.


Ever thought of making something from a cadaver? If so what?

Yes, food.

Do you enjoy doing digital of analog art more?

I enjoy both. At the moment I enjoy analog work more because I’ve upgraded to CS4 and a lot of the features truly suck, maybe I should just find out how to bypass them. Ot’s stupid to like analog more just because your tool annoys you a bit, really.


Name one food item you cannot go without?

Does coffee count?

Are you a sports fan?

No, it bores me, the whole format is too tight, there is not much room for surprises in sports; everything that can happen is pretty much expected.


Phaser or Blaster?

Blaster, even though it’s slightly uncivilized.

What is your preferred mode of transportation?

Legs. If I can, I walk.


Any big plans for 2010?

I’m getting married which is the biggie on a personal level, but otherwise I just want to learn more, try things out. When I compare my work to that of other people I’m not very consistent, it  changes from project to project and that’s scary on the one hand, because I never know if something works, on the other it’s pretty interesting. I’m currently thinking about organizing a group show just to see what that’s like.

Sandwich or Burrito?



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