Words from Kenn Munk

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Your art seems to have a lot of Sci-Fi imagery where does that come from?

It’s mainly from my childhood and if we go a bit psycho-analysis on it, it’s a great escape from the crap reality throws at you. All my life I’ve wished for a mission – some great evil that has to be defeated just seems simpler than the everyday struggles of making enough money to pay the rent. (not that I had to pay rent as a kid, but there was different shit back then, mostly teachers.) My parents always let me have this fantasy world and I’ve never heard them say that a Star Wars figure I’d bought looked ugly, they didn’t necessarily understand my world, but they accepted it.

When you take on a new project what is the first thing you do?

It’s always different, but at some point it involves coffee. I always have a small sketchbook with me so a lot of early stuff is developed there.

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Where is the best place to be in the city on a Sunday afternoon?

If we’re talking London – the term is a bit strange “town” is London” “city” is just the financial area and that’s mainly dead on Sundays.

Best place to be in town is “The Welcome Collection” which is probably wrong cause it’s a museum owned by a medical company but they do mad science/medical exhibitions there.

Summer or winter?

Summer, because London doesn’t do winter. I’m Scandinavian and when it snowed for a day this winter, everything stopped. Even the underground (subway).

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You seem to use a lot of different mediums to express yourself do you have a favorite?

Paper is pretty damn cool, together with my girlfriend, I’m going to Sweden this summer to do a project in the woods, I dreamt one night of trees wearing paper masks so that’s one of the things I’ll do up there.

Can you tell me what is the big deal with fish and chips?

I could, but then they’d have to kill me.

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What are your five favorite movies?

Star Wars (A New Hope)

Fight Club


Princess Mononoke

Blade Runner

and number five A: King of Kong and a Fistfull of Quarters

Not in any specific order.

I mostly watch TV shows at the moment, there aren’t many films out there that I just have to see – hence the pretty old-school collection of films.

So here’s an unsorted top five of TV favourites as well (DVD)

The Prisoner


The Mentalist

Lost (really more or less a remake of The Prisoner)

Firefly (can we have it back, please?)

If you could vacation anywhere in the world with all expenses paid where would you go and why?

Easy. Japan, Tokyo first, then the countryside.

I’m interested by Shinto and the whole Japanese mindset fascinates me even if it can seem harsh. Japan is science fiction.

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Who’s work inspirers you the most?

It comes in waves and disappears again.

Early Georg Lucas – THX1138 is mad

Dave McKean was a huge influence at some point, but not really anymore.

Jonathan Barnbrook was a huge inspiration too.

An Italian artist named Maurizio Anzeri – Does creepy hair sculptures

Charles Avery

+ all the unknown draftmen who’ve drawn technical drawings in the 70’ies and 80’ies and the modelmakers that worked on Star Wars


What is it you do when you are not creating?

Feel guilty for not creating. Or eat, sleep, look at things, run, camp in the woods, help clean up a local cemetery.

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Sandwich or Burrito?

Sammich. Always.

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