Words from Kool Skull

What did you eat for breakfast?

This morning at school they gave me a piece of pizza with orange juice!

Where do you call home?

I have lived in many places up and down the West coast, but my favorite place of all is LA in general. Specifically, I love Highland Park. Right now, I live in the San Tiomoteo Canyon in Riverside County, which is a lot cooler than i originally anticipated.

How long have you been making music?

My dad raised me with music. I have been listening to PJ Harvey, and the Pixies since I was born. When I was thirteen, I started a punk band with my brother Emilio. We did pretty well for ourselves; we played at the Whisky in Hollywood a few times, and we were (apparently) the first rock band to play at an LA Public Library. Later, my little brother moved on to another band, as I moved into more electronic music. I found out about Chiptune [8bit based] music in 2008 through an artist friend called M Dot Strange. My first Album “Anemic Cinema was released in the summer of 2008, and I’ve been making stuff ever since! Currently, I am working on my eleventh album, and I’m putting together an Internet Record Label called DATAMOSHPIT. [ http://datamoshpit.tk ] I’m putting together a compilation of artists who I would like to release on the label now. I got WAY more submissions than I though I would, but that’s a good thing!

Do you have a favorite artist?

My favorite artist? That’s a pretty hard question. So I will answer with four artists. My favorite visual and musical artists in the mainstream and in the underground scene.

In the mainstream, my favorite visual artist would have to be Jeff Koons. I love how his art is so large, physically, but also conceptually, he deals with very large issues. Sometimes I feel his art gets too sexual, but questions about love and lust I feel are very important in our society. So many artists have accused big, conceptual artists like Jeff Koons, Damien Hirst, and Andy Warhol for not really being artists, but being businessmen, and I feel like that’s probably true in some aspects, but not a bad thing. Hey, when I have the ability to hire Employees and run an art factory, I’m pretty sure I will.  Musically in the mainstream, my favorite artist HAS to be Jack White. His songwriting is Flawless, and everything He is involved with, or creates himself, is so well developed and thought out.  I feel like Jack white is going to be the main inspiration for musicians for the rest of this century. His songs are about childhood most of the time, and comparing childhood to adulthood, and dealing with emotional issues while you still have a childish mindset, and overcoming it. I feel like most of the time I am a child trying to deal with a real life, and I think that’s why I relate to his music.

In the Underground scene, my favorite visual artist is probably Daniel Swan [http://www.danielswan.co.uk/ ]. His digital films have inspired a lot of what I do, and how I think. He has some of the most intricate films visually I have ever seen.  Musically, I really like the Chiptune Musician Joss Manley. (Formerly known as Josstintimberlake [http://www.myspace.com/jossmanley ]) His music is made with Different consoles including the Amiga64, the Commodore64, and the Atari2600. Some stuff he makes is hard for people to appreciate, but I think it is beautiful. I think my two favorite songs of his are “Inugud” from the release “Amiga August”, and the “Fudge Mix” which was released on his youtube channel. (I’m not sure if it was released as an mp3 or not)

Where is your favorite place to feed your face?

My favorite place to eat would have to be Tommy’s Hamburgers in Los Angeles; particularly, at the one in Eagle Rock. The Chili burgers they give out are so freaking huge, it’s not even funny! Second to that would Have to be Super Panda China Buffet in Highland park off of York blvd.. When I was going to school in Highland Park, my friends and I would go there after school. It was Awesome!

When you’re creating on the PSP, what kind of visions control your mind?

When I Create music, I think the visuals come after the sounds. When I draw, I listen to music, but I don’t think of visuals when I make music, I think that is because I don’t know what the song will sound like. Usually I mess with sounds and keep the best parts of my experiments.

What was the last dream you remember?

The Most recent dream I remember is in fragments, usually I keep a dream diary, but all I can remember are overall feelings. I remember rising from a gloopy floor in a room \filled with people I knew as acquaintances; and I remember running through a field of oranges. The Orange trees were melting or something.

What’s you’re favorite cartoon and why?

My favorite cartoons (plural) are “SUPERJAIL!” On Adult Swim, and “The Brothers Grunt” which used to be on Liquid TV when I was an Infant. SUPERJAIL! Because it is so well animated, and the story lines are so well written: although the plots seem extremely abstract, and open ended, I feel like the writers are experimenting with the structure of films in a way. I honestly think that it is the greatest 2d animated series on television currently. “The Brothers Grunt” was awesome because it was so well done. Everything about that series was thought out. From their animation technique to even the backgrounds, the voice overs, and even the music! I really think that 2d animation will make a comeback soon to a very mature, artistic audience, especially since there are so many great teenage Flash animators on the internet nowadays like Lars Nielsen, Julian Talamo, Matt Zarzecki, Felix Colgrave, and Edgar Nielsen (of no relation to Lars), I think these cats will make a major influence on future artists.

Do you have any interesting plans for your art or music?

Well, I have been planning on putting together a major art show called BREATHE, where I would put all of my cartoons, datamoshed films, and glitched out music in one place. I currently don’t have a place to do it, but If anyone knows of a large studio space I may be able to use, I’d love for you to e-mail me at skull@koolskull.tk !

Do you have any religious beliefs or affiliations?

Yes! I am a follower of Jesus Christ. Although, I am mainly non-denominational in the church, my views are mainly based upon Baptist church, and just reading about Jesus. I feel like he was a lot more of a rebel than people give him credit for. Reading in the bible, I’m always amazed at how much GOD really just wants an intense relationship with EVERYONE.

Can you recommend any awesome up and coming bands?

YES!! There are some wicked punk bands in so cal nowadays that are doing a lot of shows that you should catch sometime! First, there are the Juju Bones, a chick duo from Chino area [http://myspace.com/jujubonesmusic], the Mormons, from LA area, an intense punk band of four dudes! [http://www.myspace.com/mormons], and the mcdaniels, these are some insane cats from OC area. I have yet to see them live, but I hope to sometime soon! [http://myspace.com/mc] and I’m not sure if you’re aware, but the Assorted Jellybeans, the legendary ska band from riverside, are making a comeback! [http://www.myspace.com/assortedjellybeansofficial]. They’re playing at ska in the park and warped tour, I’m really excited!

Sandwich or burrito?

I’m Mexican, so a burrito definitely, unless the sandwich has BBQ or chili beans in it!

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interview by Mario of Koerce Media