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You own a lot of video game systems what is your favorite?

Hmm… I guess the 360 because they’re still making games for it, but there has to be something said for the old original Nintendo, because I keep going back to it even though it gives me cramps trying to squeeze that little bitty controller.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I hope to be a full time working artist. I may be in San Francisco since I’ll only just be finished with school, but my wife and I want to move back to Pittsburgh eventually.

Matt Datchuk Color Ink Book

What medium do you feel most comfortable with? / What medium are you looking to grow in?

Prior to this year I only ever worked with mechanical pencils and bic pens, with the occasional unsatisfying venture into another medium, so I would have to say that’s my comfort zone. I want to learn to use every medium out there, but recently I I’ve been playing around with a mix of ink on brush and watercolor.

Tell us about the vs. series you are doing?

I actually have a couple I’m playing around with at the moment. I like to make things clash even though my drawing style isn’t at the level I can really show the energy of a situation. So right now I’m doing some pieces with Nightmares done in ink only vs. Daydreams done in whatever colorful medium I feel works for the piece, like crayons, acrylic, watercolor. The other is Unnatural Animal Attacks like an Octopus choking out a rhino, or a shark jumping out of a knothole in a tree. There’s a few more: Tiger Vs. Whale, Kiwi Vs. Eagle, Manatee Vs. Cow (that one will be called cannibal), Giraffe Vs. Birds, a few others. The squirrels will get revenge on that land shark.

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Any troubles assimilating to the California lifestyle?

A wee bit. It’s just a different culture and mindset in Ohio where I grew up. The hardest part was leaving all my friends and family. I went from being engaged, a 60 hour a week job as a Paramedic, always something fun going on in Ohio to married, no job, no friends (except my wife who was working a lot) and no direction in Ca, it was a tough year. However, it finally got me back into art which I guess is what I’m ultimately meant to do. How many people do you know that spent 7 years working blue collar jobs trying to avoid having a career in art?

What has been your worst job; gives us some details?

The Navy? Lot of bullshit, lot of work, but I felt like I did something at the end of the day. Same thing when I was a paramedic. Deliver a baby and it was worth having that hobo overdose then go twosies on your boot while getting off shift an hour late, all for $10 an hour. No, the worst jobs I had were the ones in retail (bookstore, optometrist’s office, clothing) selling crap other people made, while having a boss who takes their job way to seriously push me to do busy work around the store. If I dusted this one book shelf, at a campus bookstore I worked in, one more time it was going to catch fire or crumble from excessive friction.

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We know you’re a comic nerd; so what are you reading?

I never miss an issue of Atomic Robo. I mean c’mon look at his fights: Cthulu-H.P. Lovecraft? Nazis? Nazi’s in Mech Suits? Mecha-Zombie-Nazis? Giant Ants? A clockwork Pyramid Golem? All the while Robo keeps up this vaudeville/looney toons shtick. I love it. I also won’t miss Mousegaurd because the art is wonderful. Then of course I’ll always give a look at anything Grant Morrison and/or Frank Quitely touch.

Where can you be found on a Thursday night?

Drinking New Castles and Jameson at the local bar The Vault in Redlands.
I honestly can’t recall the last Thursday night I wasn’t there.

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What tea can you be found drinking on a Sunday afternoon?

Mmmm… loose leaf tea of any kind, but usually Ginseng Oolong or Blue People.

Sandwich or Burrito?
I’m gonna have to say sandwich, because I eat a turkey-havarti cheese-lettuce-with-a-dash-of-salt sandwich probably at least 3 times a week, and eat a burrito maybe once a month.

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