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Are you tired of people thinking you are the MC?

Naw, folks don’t think I’m MC Adam Yauch much anymore, when I first started out there was a zine that said Evil Design was what Beastie Boy MCA did on his off time something like that – I thought that was kinda funny. I wasn’t trying to front that I was a dope MC or anything, just using my initials to sign my work – even though it would be cool to be Schoolly D or KK Rockwell just for a day (or even a member of the Bizzy Bizzie Boys..)

What is your favorite medium to work in?

Xerox paper & a Uni-ball, recently I started using colored pencils & I enjoy ‘em, spray paint is fun too..


What medium do you find most challenging?

I really want to start painting this year, I never really got into painting a lot, so I guess it is my most challenging.. You see some paintings & wonder how the hell they did it.

What vinyl figure are you most proud of?

The Evil Ape is the best. As of right now, it’s my only original sculpt  & I really think Toy2R came correct with making sure I was happy with the sculpt – even though it held up production for quite a bit, but yea, it def came out right & holds the personality that I really try for with every character I draw.

MCA MCA COLOR INK BOOK ARTISTWhat is the best coast?

I thought this this whole east coast / west coast rivalry was over!? 
To answer the question though – East Coast of course. What is better than walking around New York City?!
(Although LA & San Francisco are pretty fun too, I’d like to get back out there soon..)

Top five bands?

This is a tough one… Of all time!?
Maybe top 5 I have seen would be easier…

1. Beastie Boys
            -seen ‘em a bunch, but this last round when they did the Gala Event shows was cool, we saw em at the Opera House in Boston, my 1st time there, it was awesome..

2. The Boredoms
            -the best time I saw them was around 98-’99 during the Super Ae/Vision Creation Newsun time. Great show, I saw downstairs at the Middle East in Cambridge –  wild percussion, Eye climbing the ceiling – it had it all.

3. Circle jerks
            –  They had just kinda gotten back together, it was 1990 & they played at the Living Room in Providence. It was an insane show. Kids going out to the alley and climbing up to a window to jump back in on the crowd, madness on the floor – non stop stage diving fun – it was an awesome show.

4. Mission of Burma
        -All the new shows have been sick, but the best was the ‘secret show’ they did at 608 in Somerville, I think 2002. It was right before they starting playing shows – kinda of a warm up for friends/family  – great show, they def can still kick the ass of a lot of younger bands out there performing now. I’m so sick of bands that looked bored up there playing, it is inspirational to see a band go full force during a show & just try to make you drop dead from the intensity of it all.

5. Lou Barlow’s farwell to Boston show at The Green Street Grill in Cambridge.
        – Lou was moving out to California & decided to have a ‘goodbye’ show – I think it was 1998, Elliot Smith played a great set just him w/guitar. Lou Barlow played & brought stuff from home to give out (7”’s & stuff). The best was that he asked Fat Day to play after him & they are an insane punk/noise/costume loving crew – the lead singer sang the whole set inside an amp cabinet, it was a very fun night.

So, yea.. These are 5 of my favorite shows I can remember at the time of typing this, there are always new ones.. I didn’t even get to add in the AWK shows that were goodtime blast off dance parties too!

QEE toy2r MCA color Ink book Top five MC’s?

Another top 5 question!!  – damn it!
Umm… Ok, I will type quickly out 5 I really enjoy & have been listening to lately

1] the Beastie Boys (counting the 3 as 1 Mega MC)

2] Notorious BIG – many times I walk around the supermarket I sing 
            “A lotta ladies here tonight should be havin’ my baby, baby” as I look around.

3] Run & DMC (again, counted these 2 as 1 bad-ass MC)

4] KRS-ONE (100 Guns, 100 Clips, I’m goin’ to New York, New York!!)

5] Masta Ace – I broke out Slaughterhouse the other day.. Great record.

Ok, there’s 5 off the top of my head, but I need to throw in ODB, Biz Markie, Ghost Krabb, The Eel, Chuck D & Straight Outta Compton era NWA… Probably more, but I’ll stop..

Does music inspire your work?

I think music is my main inspiration, at least it was at the start & I find myself going back to it when I need a jumpstart. When I first started doing stickers way back, I loved having one of my characters quoting a fav song on a sticker & then putting it up knowing a few other folks would connect with it & laugh or whatever. “I gotta love jones for your body & your skin tone” – you can’t beat that to get yer mind a workin’. Def.

MCA toy2r qee color ink book MCAHow did Simian Nation come about?

Well, it’s a name I’ve had around for awhile & never used. It first came up around ‘98, it was going to be the name of a shop I was starting – it was on the long list of names at least. We didn’t use it, but I always knew I wanted to use it for something, so when I had a solo show in Boston last year or so at the LAB, I called it Simian Nation because all the work in the show was based around my Evil Ape character. Then when Toy2r asked if I’d want to do a book with them I knew a lot of the book would showcase all the Evil Ape toys – so it seemed like the perfect title. The book is out now, it has all the toys I have done with Toy2R up until this point & a bunch of other stuff… Check it out.

What is your favorite pair of kicks?

I always have had 2 favorites, Adidas Shell Toes & Puma Clydes – the best two sneakers ever. When I was younger I wore Chuck Taylors, but not really anymore. I understand kids wild frenzy of collecting sneakers, because I collect all kinds of junk & I know that feeling of hunting out stuff – but really – add all the straps, fabrics, lace locks, bright colors, limited edition madness, whatever… & yer still not gunna make a sneak better that the shell toe or the clyde, sorry.

MCAWho is the best artist alive?

Another tough question… How can you pick the ‘best’ artist?! It’s art suppose to be a non-competitive activity? All art is good, as long it comes from the heart, isn’t that what High School art teachers say..?
 But to answer the question the one name that popped in my head was Joe Coleman, 
so I will say, “Joe Coleman, final answer.”

Burrito or Sandwich?

I made a really good sandwich today, I grilled it up using the double cast iron pan method – the best way…
I enjoy both. With sandwiches, – the bread has to be good or it just ruins it for me. With Burritos, I used to live in Union Sq in Somerville, MA & there was a place called TaQueria La Mexicana that made the best burritos ever. It’s tough to now have to try other places because most can’t compete & then yer stuck eating a burrito that is OK, but you can’t help but feel a little cheated. Pizza Rules!

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