Words from Mike Die

How did you get into drawing spaceships? And we are glad you did!

Why thank you! It started with graffiti, I wanted to do something different then letters and 3Ds. I use to love to do characters so one day my boy said I should try to do a character that spells out Die. That’s how the birth of the spaceship came about … took a few years to make them look good but I stuck with it. Each ship still has the letters DIE in them

Do you prefer doing small pieces or super large ones?

At home I love doing small piece to hang around my apartment, but NOTHING beats a huge stomper out in public!

Is there any significance to the numbers on the ships?

Ever number has a meaning to them, 9 out of 10 time it’s for the love of my life, the others signify at time in my life

What does an average day look like for Mr. Die?

Hmmmm average? Up at the crack of dawn drawing or sketching, work at night then painting and plotting world domination till I pass out.

A ride on the Space Shuttle or a ride on the Millennium Falcon?

FALCON!! No question

Who and or what are Gutter Mutts?

The Gutter Mutts is a bunch of scrapping artists, so far just Burn353 and Melodreama, that have come together to basically take over the world … BEWARE!!

Where do I want to grab I bite to eat when I’m in town?

Taco freakin Bell or Moe’s!!

Do you have any pets if so what kind ? And names.

No pets but

I do have a have a mechanical pencil i call Mr. Roboto(no joke) so I guess that counts? He poops on paper

When we come to New York how long can we stay with you?..There will be 10 of us.

As long as you want! I have a one bedroom apt. so that’s plenty room for at least 15 people. I sceeve loose hair tho so just make sure you guys clean out the drain in the tub.

Sandwich or Burrito?

Burritos for life!

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interview by Adam