Words from Mr. Shane Jessup

Where do you feel your style come from?
It would have to be a combination from a lot of things in my life. Some things are consciously absorbed, others are just tucked away in a dark corner of my abnormally small brain. My surroundings definitely have a huge effect on me and my work, as do my incredibly talented peers and friends that I’m surrounded by. I’m a strong believer in the idea that if you keep your mind open to all things and ideas, your personal style will flourish…just don’t bite.

What was your favorite album in junior high?
Oh man, that would have been 89-90. I’d have to say I was probably listening to Straight Outta Compton and Dr. Feelgood equally.
You have made your fair share of toys: are you a collector yourself?
I wouldn’t call myself a ‘collector’ really. I do pick up pieces I’m really feeling and a few of my friend’s pieces. I can’t afford it, honestly. Not even monetarily, I’m more worried about space in my
house…my closets are already full.

Can you tell us about any up-coming projects?
I recently went back to a full-time job and moved to Los Angeles so I’m pretty busy with work and settling in. I’m putting together a lot of book projects out here for people so you’ll only see my name in the fine print of the credits for a while. Part of the reason I moved was to shift my focus back to working on my art so hopefully I’ll be having some shows coming up in the near future.

What’s Cortez up to?

Cortez is still living the high life in Brooklyn right now. He’s busy losing weight and getting buff for the Summer. Such the little heart breaker.

Where is the best place for late night eats?
Brooklyn – God Bless Deli in Greenpoint. Los Angeles – Taco Truck (anyone that I can find), anywhere else in the majority of the US – 7-11.
Now that Daddy has passed on: do you think Junior can fill his shoes?
As sad as I am to see Daddy go, I have complete confidence in Junior as an ambassador for the breed. Cesar, if you read this and are in need of a designer or a little white boy sidekick, holler at me.

Tell us a bit about “Time Is Too Short”…….
Time Is Too Short references a small group of my best friends and the greatest guys I’ve ever met in my life. We’re basically a dysfunctional family that have gone through a lot of good and bad times together. After the passing of 2 of our good friends, PLUS and PEAR, the little motto we have tattooed on us means even more.

This question was removed to give you another photo of Cortez!

Sandwich or Burrito?
Hard choice but I’d have to say sandwich since there’s endless possibilities involved (shout out to the King of Sandwiches).

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