Words from Nas Chompas


What is the most important meal?
Breakfast all day!

Where do you find inspiration for your color palette?
I tend to get inspiration from two very different aesthetics. Bright colors, especially pastels, and very poppy, design-ish art tend to get me really stoked and help me draw more freely. The other side of the inspiration comes from really old, decrepit, wooden structures lying around in rural and city areas, as well as the elements of nature surrounding them. The blues, the mossy greens, the grays, and the browns are all so amazing. I have a real love for eerie, darker things, and even though my illustrations are generally more whimsical, the darker parts as just as important. I think that ideally, they can complement eachother really well.
Day job?
Family’s real estate business – working from home. I’d like make the transition away from it, but for now it helps pay the bills and I feel good about it.

What “phase” in your life are you most embarrassed by?
Probably my late teens through early twenties. I just felt like a kid in a big awkward mind & body.
Who would you most like to colab with? On what?
I’d eventually like to make an animation for someone’s music who I really respect, like Múm.

When did you stop believing in the tooth fairy?
I can’t even remember, but I think I got the bad news a lot earlier than most kids. I never lost the love for fantasy though.
What does the world need to know about Nas Chopas the artist?
Forget me, there’s magic inside of you and in the way that you interact with your community and inspire others.

Your art seems to have a heavy nature focus; do you feel closer to nature in Portland?
Absolutely. Moving here has opened up a huge connection with mother nature for me, as well as shaping my views on humans as animals in our comically unnatural setting.
How do you feel about companies like Nike colabing with more and more lowbrow artists?
Truth be told, it turns my gut most of the time. But that’s just my personal take on it, and I can’t blame any artist for wanting to do so or expect anyone to have the same objectives as I do, especially when the advantages for the artist out-way the disadvantages. Those kinds of commissions do a lot of good for the artist, and for someone trying to pay the bills with art, its a big step. Personally, I’d rather not directly support any company of the kind or let them use my creative efforts to sell their products that I don’t agree with. This is a huge discussion of its own, so to keep it short, I’d say that if it came between collabing with Nike or washing dishes, I’d wash dishes.

Burrito or Sandwich?
Burritos for days.

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