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If you had to be any comic book villain, who would you be?
I have never really thought about it before. Hate to toot my own horn, but to be honest I think I would have to be ZODIAC at the moment.  The man is F#&%ing ruthless! I’ve always had a soft spot for the independent, free wheeling bad guys. Must be why I am getting into it so much. There’s not really anything that can stop this guy. Smarts, a tattooed bad-ass hottie on his arm and an arsenal of other tricks up his sleeve that readers will discover as the series goes.
Back in the day, I would have to say Soundwave, Cobra Commander, Tetsuo, Darth Vader and a few others would have topped the list. Ha – Must be what I’ve been trying to channel from for Zodiac’s character. Tough question. I’ve been trying to find other bad guys I dig for the past hour through my movies and comics but I keep coming back to the hooded Zodiac. Probably just too into Caseys writing and the current pages infront of me.

I forgot about MING!!!! The bad guy I would love to be is MING! FINALLY. I remember a great villian that is just ruthless. (and yes, I love the movie – FLASH!  -AaaaHH AAAAAHHHHHHH!… )

If you could travel to anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Wanted to go there ever since I was a kid but definitely ever since college and I started taking this stuff seriously. One of these days.
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What is your least favorite quote?
“Do as I say, not as I do…”
What is a typical day in the life of Nathan Fox?
Fathehood, window, Fatherhood, late night window, sleep, coffee, shake-repeat!…
Ha! No, its pretty awesome. Love being a dad and dig the fortunate position of drawing images and telling stories for a living.
Work wise, it takes a few hours to get through emails and make phone calls first thing, then onto pencils or inks for the rest of the work day.
I’m pretty lucky if I can get in a straight 8 hour work day before dinner time. Our second daughter was just born so balancing Mr. Mom and work schedule is challenging, no doubt. Definitely learning my lessons in “ambition” and taking on projcts having a second kid, but it all works out some how. Can’t complain.
What is an ideal breakfast, in your eyes?
A really good Huevos Rancheros! Hard to find in Kansas City. Back in Brooklyn was a different story all together.
Fresh OJ and some fruit – cold with grapes. Must have the grapes…
Oh, and Alterra coffee. Hats off to the kids in Milwaukee! Its like Christmas morning when I’ve saved up enough pennies to order a pound.
Campesino is a great blend if you are in the area or order coffee – (yes, I’m married with children… this can happen to you!)
What is your favorite Saturday morning Cartoon?
Oh, man. Back in the day it was Ghostbusters (The Real), GI Joe, Transformers and then WWF and dubbed kung fu flicks would come on.
Watched just about everything as a kid. Grew up thinking I would become an animator for Disney. Got close in college but saw Akira, discovered comics, heard Tom Waits and went a different direction.
Now, I’m lucky if I get to watch Popeye, Hanna Barberra and Looney Tunes with my daughter. God bless boomerang and cartoon network though. They’re putting out some great new stuff and the awesome standby’s we all grew up with and love.
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What are your top 5 video games?
Metroid series
Ninja Gaiden Series
Gears of War
Bio Shock
and currently farting around with Mad World and Bionic Command.
Hard to name only 5. happily addicted to video games since river raid on the original Atari – yes, I am that elder.
What do you like most about the town you live in?
The cost of living, our house and the collection of creative badasses that just happend to be or move here since we moved back.
My heart, adopted home and sell phone though,…. still belong to Brooklyn!
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Who is your favorite musical artist(s)?
That would be a battle between Tom Waits and Mike Paton. But listen to a lot more than just that.
Lots of Nina Simone, Johnny Cash, Roots, Gogal Bordello and more.
Music wise for work and projects, like most research I try and listen to as much music that relates to the work at hand as possible. Gets me in the mood and characters I suppose. So I’ve collected a lot of weird and random stuff over the years.
If you were to give any advice to an aspiring artist, what would it be?
– Learn the hard way while you’re young – hint! – it’s ALL a learning curve
– Be true (as corney as that sounds) in your work and it will be returned to you two fold through the work.
– Drawing is memory. The more you know and are able to do the more you’ll have to bring to the table when the pressure is on.
– Debt is a freelancers worst night mare, watch your wallet and your ass! It’ll bite-cha.
– Pound the pavement and earn it.
– Build relationships whenever possible. The work will speak for itself but it can’t talk for you.
– Ha. I could keep going on, but then I would only be revealing my own mistakes and practices and who wants to give away all their secrets?…
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Burrito or Sandwich?
Had a run in with a bad burrito recently so I’ll have to go with – Sandwich and all the freudian slips that go with it.

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