Words from Olla Boku

Olla_Boku_Color_Ink_Book_1What is the most delicious food?

All Chinese and Japanese food are most delicious food. I’m a Glutton for food ha ha.

Anybody you’re dying to colab with?

I’m dying to collab with my fav artists Nathan Jurevicius and Jeremyville in my life. They inspire me lots on my drawing but I know to collab with them is impossible. Actually I’ve been fortunate collabo with some talent artists, participated in some projects and exhibitions. Right now I’m still looking for collab with more different style artists in the world. You cant’ imagine each of collab work how it looks final. It’s pretty funny.


You get down in many different mediums: what is your favorite and which would you like to get better in?

Humm illustrator is my favorite exactly. I wanna improve it better. Actually I’m not like other artists had great art background in Art College. Cause my major was department business administration in college. That’s why I have to hard work more than others people and wanna get it better.

And another thing making plush is I want get better. I dream make a video like “Domo-kun”. So I hope could make all my particular characters on plush someday.

Your thoughts on the Taiwan art scene?

In recent years Taiwan art improved lots and many new artists have came out. More and more Taiwanese designers appeared on the international scene, it’s pretty awesome!!!

Taiwan has a very vibrant art scene and cultural life. And here have something changed a lot like graffiti anywhere in here and some particular Taiwanese style street art. I expect to see more great Taiwanese artists on the international scene.


What is the most fun part of the creative process?

Do sketching is best fun part of the creative process for me. I love deal with some freak and creepy monsters or weird people in my world. At the same I love burst doodle some cuteness characters on the paper at the same time ha ha ha. My world is full of stranger and cute monsters also. Maybe too much conflict thinking in my mind. That’s why I do two different styles on my work.

Seen any good movies lately?

I’m not going often going to the cinema. Last movies what I watched “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” and a German movie “Rabbit Without Ears”, I love them!


What is your favorite color?

Definitely white color is my favorite. Even I love do colorful on my work. But I cant use without white color. Someone could tell me who don’t like white ha ha ha.

Tell us about your role in nonstopnerds?

I’m a member in nonstopnerds like other members. We manage our site and post news and new work to share all people and members who love design. It’s pretty awesome opportunity that have a good place could do that show some personal work and got get some good advice and comment. Therefore I have to thanks David (Formfieber) invited me in this team.


What is your favorite thing to draw?

I addict to draw lovely characters with cute face and color or weird people with strange monster and ridiculous ghosts. I can’t stop doing it.

Sandwich or Burrito?

Sandwich for days.

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