Words From Podgy Panda

How did the Podgonaut project come about?

The Podgonaut project was a collaboration between the talented Mr. Cris “Viva La Glossy Rust!” Rose (www.crisrose.co.uk) and I, when he approached me and asked if I’d like to collaborate on a resin project with him. We bounced back and forth some ideas to try merge our two universes, and, voila. the Podgonauts were born.


Do you have a favorite toy?

My fav. toy has to be Mr. Monster by Elizabeth Ito (produced in 2003, real old school). He has to be my pride and joy of my collection

On average how long do your “daily doodles” take?

Anywhere between a few hours, to half a day (with many screwed up bits of paper inbetween!)


Where is your favorite place to grab a bite?

Since living out in London for the past year, I’ve yet to discover a good eating place out here (it’s heaps expensive to eat out!). My favourite haunts back home in New Zealand are Handmade burgers in Kingsland, Auckland and a little Chinese cafe (which is cheap as chips) in Takapuna, Auckland. Guess that doesn’t really help answer the question, but hey. if you’re ever in New Zealand, hit me up and I’ll fatten you up at my food haunts.

What medium are you most comfortable working in?

Pencil on paper works best for me. I feel really awkward painting/sculpting/digitalising. (which is probably why most of my drawings lately stay as a sketched form)


He-Man vs. Beast Master?


Cute, everything you draw is so cute! Where do you find the inspiration for the cute?

Hah. thanks, I’m glad you see it as cute. I see it as “retardedly bigheaded”. Everything around me inspires me. The joys of being in a completely new country is that I get inspired by the stupidest things i.e. just the other day, I saw a piece of fluff on the London underground. To some, a piece of fluff. on the underground. To me, a wayward soul, lost, searching to be reunited with it’s fluff companions.


Do you miss New Zealand?

Hard out I do. Miss the clean air, and my car! (having no car in London = not very mobile panda)

What are you watching on the telly?

The Paralympics.


With the year half down, are there anything projects coming up before the years end?

I have more Podgonauts that i am working on, I also have a booth next year at ToyconUK (UK’s first toy convention) which is happening in April 2013 (http://www.toyconuk.com/) so I need to get my butt into gear for that!

Sandwich or burrito?


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