Words from Project Detonate

Tell us about your process from idea to finished work…

Ah well everything starts with a real rough sketch in my pad, where I then scan the image bring it over to illustrator and re draw it again to make sure my lines are crisp and precise…I adjust the vector illustration to whichever size of panel I’m working on…tile it up, then print it out..cut the tiles out, tape them together, do a charcoal rub out behind them..and then transfer it onto the panel, and I have been known to do this on a 48″x60″ haha so there is a lot of re drawing in the process and its really tedious…I could easily use a projector but I just enjoy the more hands on approach..I guess it feels “natural”? I then pick out what paper I want to use for my backgrounds.. what’s going to set the mood of the painting, do a few coats of clear gesso tinted with the base color I want to use, add a few light washes, then start the collage, apply a few more washes and distress marks and begin the painting after the image is transferred on.. as for colors I play it by ear, I like to improvise to keep the energy of the painting going..phew hah I think that about covers it haha

Who is making music worth listening to?

Right now I’ve been listening to THE SWORD a lot! with a cd entitled “gods of the earth” how can you go wrong? its like Conan the barbarian metal, soo damn good! What is the story behind the moniker “Project Detonate”?

I actually came up with the name back in 2005 before I really started taking art more serious..Project its pretty much anything an artist is working on….Detonate is used more as an idea that art can be a form of explosion, feeling angry, sad, happy, its all emotions that we go through and we explode that onto our art, show through our art, whether you are a painter, writer, anything.

Tell us about “Poison Sweet”……

Oh man Poison Sweet is the sweetest evil creature you will ever meet..he lives in a frosting filled volcano that erupts every ten years causing poison sweet to awake from his sweet slumber and feed the villagers poisoned cupcakes (that explains the bones coming out of his cupcakes, poor villagers haha) It’s my first production toy and its being put out by happy panda toys.. They are really cool people to work with and the process is coming along pretty smooth, I actually have to start working on the box art soon.
Is there any toy you have not customized yet, that you have your eye on?

Oh yeah! the Pecan Pals.. I’m a huge fan of wood (no pun intended haha) so customizing a wood figure would be awesome..but that is actually going to happen soon… more info on that as the time approaches.

What is your favorite dessert?

hands down, cupcakes! the best I’ve had so far were almond joy cupcakes, and pineapple coconut cupcakes..those things can move mountains, or at least make a mute person speak.
What is the nightlife in New Haven like?

It’s pretty good I think..there are so many different restaurants to eat, Seoul, Ethiopian, everything you name it, its probably somewhere..and tons of bars.. I’m not a drinker so I kinda stay away from these not unless I’m in the mood for a cream soda on draft then holy shit watch out haha it gets serious!, New Haven is a huge college town so the clubs are hopping on Saturdays, you do get your share of dudes with plucked eyebrows, fake tans and gelled spiked hair which is hilarious! but overall pretty good, it really all depends what you are into….personally I’m over NH/CT in general though

How do you feel music has influenced your art?

eh to a certain extent I think it does, sometimes there is a line in a song that would trigger an image for a painting or I usually try to match the music to the mood of the painting I’m working on.
What show to date have you been most satisfied with?

my SWEET TOOTH solo show without a doubt! everything was spot on, the turn out was great.. many many long hours in the studio for that one.

Sandwich or burrito?

Burrito NO DOUBT SON! haha

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