Words from Randy “Rebornz Art” De Leon

When was the moniker Rebornz born?
I was born in July 1981, but reborn again in 2003.
Then created “Rebornz Art” illustrations in 2004

How do you feel your art has evolved?

Actually a lot, from just doing vandalism at night writing my old nickname with the crews I use to be in, just to let the world know I was alive!! Now, a few years later my work is now on Canvas, print illustrations, T-shirts, and any old wood or objects that I find in the streets to paint on… place them in galleries to show that my life has change to a positive way of living….

Do you have a favorite passage?

Yes I do, my favorite passage comes from the Bible in John 3:3 where: “Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.”

What is your favorite medium to work in?
Acrylic, house paint, color pencils with markers, pen, and illustrator.

Who are you listening to now?
Lightheaded, Kj 52, Jeremy Camp, Mercyme, Manny Montes.

Have you had the chance to taste the new Pepsi throwback?
Nope not yet!!!
Do you have big plans for 2010?
Yes I do!! Look for God more so He can inspire me more!
Having my solo show on April at the Rothick art Haus!
Working on getting some shows around the world, I want to travel more! Get new contracts with huge companies for commercial art, “Now that I got an agent promoting my work!”

When you are not painting what are you getting into?
Man, good question!!! jejejeee because Its hard for me sometimes to get out from the studio…!! Maybe sleep a little or watch a movie, or play and walk my dog “Rocky” and spend some time with my family.
How does you faith inspire your work?
My Faith is a huge part of me; I pretty much life by faith. For my belief is that God Himself is the greatest Artist of all time!!! His my inspiration….I see how He created Men, Animals, and anything that breaths or lives in this world!! So, try to paint, draw or illustrate the wonderful creations that God has done…!!! in the best of my ability.

Sandwich or Burrito?

Man, Hard question!!! LOL. I think both!!!
I love Chicken burritos, and sandwich from Quiznos or Subway!! LOL.

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