Words from Riccardo Bucchioni

color_ink_book_coloring_pages_coloringbook_colorWhat is the best online social network?
gah! this is a hard question…nowadays in Italy seems everyone is going crazy for facebook, but I used to find lotta works thanks to myspace…
so, if I could, I’d go for an “ex aequo” , but if I have to pick one, I’d say myspace. I never tried twitter though.

Day job?
Freelance illustrator/graphic/designer by day, barman in a rock club by night:
but I’m trying to do the graphic part become the main job.

halloween-posterWhat should we know about you?
I think nothing interesting! 🙂
well, I dunno…that i’m a huge comic books fan (especially marvel) , a movies fanatic, i got 17 tattooes , I said “fuck you!” to my dad’s boss when I was 3.
Also, I’m a mutant.

Given the opportunity what would you want to illustrate for Marvel Comics?
aw well, I think or Wolverine (or X-Men) or Spiderman, but dueing I got a  Spidey tattoo, I’d say Spiderman.
(beside I’d illustrate ANYTHING for marvel if they ask)
riccardo_bucchioni_color_ink_book_coloring_pages_spider-man_rain_spider-man4On the subject of comics: what are you currently reading?
here in Italy we’re like 6 months late with what is released in the U.S. market, recently I got some paperbacks (usually miniseries are mostly released directly as paperbacks here) : 1985 , The Boys and Spiderman:With Great Power..
I usually read Ennis’ Punisher and all the ongoing series featuring Mutants and Spiderman.
Your top five favorite action figures?
Oh wow…my fave action figures ever?
Well, I’m really into “classic” ones..so I’d say
Mego Spiderman (I’d kill to still have the one i used to have as a kid)
ToyBiz Uncanny Xmen – Wolverine as Weapon X (I got one for a very low price in a toy shop here)
Neca Deluxe Jack Skellington with changeable heads

Universal Monsters – Creature From The Black Lagoon (black and white edition)

Marvel Mighty Muggs – Logan


Who is a band we should be listening to?

The Ramones, but I think you already do.

What is your favorite medium to work in?
Usually it depends on what I have to draw, but I usually really love the red crayon and pencil combo that leads to the final pencils before inking.


Who would win in a fight between The Thing and The Hulk? Why?

hehe this is a question I got I my head since I was like…4…uhm..maybe the hulk’s stronger…or maybe I should call another “ex aequo”, but I always liked the Thing more, so I say good’ol Ben Grimm. Why? uhm…maybe because he got also brain on his part, and then…it’s always Clobberin’ Time! 😉

Sandwich or Burrito?

I’m sandwiches addicted.
So, sandwich.

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