Words from Ron English

ron english color ink book Ben_Banger_toy_400pxYou have made quite a few (designer vinyl) toys are you a collector yourself?

Yes. If so what is your most prized piece? This might sound terrible but it is one of my own, the Ben Banger in Car. The model for Ben was my son.

What comedy made you laugh the hardest?

The Good Guys. I used to laugh until I cried. I watched an episode on You Tube the other day to see if it was as funny as I remembered. It wasn’t. These days it’s The Simpsons or The Office. They never fail. Seth MacFarlane, Seth Green and Larry David also possess deep reservoirs of comic genius

Is there a project you have had in the back of your head for awhile but haven’t tackled yet?

I have two cartoon shows I would like to do, The Kursed Kids and The Secret Circus. I’d like to get them out of my head; they incite my laughter at inappropriate times.

Where is the best place to eat in town?

My house.

ron english color ink book  _lazarus_risingIf you had to pick, which of your billboard “liberations” do you feel sums up your thoughts best?

Think Different with Charles Manson.

Enlighten us a bit on Songs In English?

The Electric Illuminati are not just another secret hipster cult in Colorado Springs; The Electric illuminati is the first band to sing entirely in English. They are currently working on a CD titled Songs in English, spinning the pyrotechnic philosophies of Ron English into cuddly infectious pop songs.

ron english color ink book ron english color ink book obama obamaWhat symbol do you think is most iconic?

Either the smiley face or the skull. Both. Together.

Are there any artists whose work you have seen recently and have said “wow” this is great?

Yes, everyday. Today it was Oliver Vernon.

ron english color ink book ron english ron englishMickey Mouse vs. Mortimer Mouse in a bare knuckle brawl who would win?

Whoever bought ad time.

Sandwich or Burrito?

I can’t really order burritos, I don’t speak Spanish.

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