Words from SKINNER

What exactly is “the Lurker”?
the lurker is the embodiment of those characteristics that are special unto everyone…you know when you are lurking and you know when other people are coming with that lurker energy…look down on the ground in the summer..see your shadow stretched out before you…long and disatorted…and you cant get away from it…its in you…i read alot about the potential of layers of existence outside of our own…layers of reality parallel to our own…existing quite closely but out of reach because of a distance in the frequency and vibration of our plane of existence….those shadows you see out of the corner of your eye…those moments when you know that you are all by yourself but that you dont feel alone…that is the energy of the lurker…that strange fear you cannot explain…the peripheral beings you hope to never meet. the lurker is that being.
Where does your inspiration come from?
i dont know…i would say more that i have an explorative creative spirit that is deeply affected consciously by the strange shit I am into…comics, h.p. lovecraft…music.., social and emotional interractions..friendship and dark humor…unconsciously i would say I am affected by fear.
Any upcoming events/projects you can tell us about??
well..the wolf lurker that i am honored to be apart of…a big ass solo show at white walls gallery that is completely taxing since I am putting everything i can into it…I am 4 months deep into it and I am struggling to maintain and nurture my raw inspired spirit…the worlds intense darkness is making it hard for me to stay focused…but I went to an old peoples home yesterday to hang with some old people and it was the most inspiring thing i have done in a while…there was an artist there named bobbie that was so sweet and ancient…she showed me her litle art studio in her walk in closet and was so full of spirit…even though she is on oxygen and doesnt have long…it was good…she showed me that its good to be graceful in the face of darkness…Im going back to see her soon…she told me she was out of cadmium yellow light….I already got some for her..im taking it to her soon.
If you could have any super power, what would it be and why?
ok…I have been thinking about this long before you asked me…now…I know some people probably think…i would want some tight powers like wolverine claws and shit but the power i want is the power to make people shit their pants…just with a thought…anybody harrasses you? make em shit their pants…dont like what the president is saying? make him shit his pants on tv…yeah now you know why thats such a ripper power to have…yeah man i know a bunch of cops i want to use that on…
Favorite sound?
king buzzo’s voice?
How long does it generally take you to create a piece of art?
a good one? uhh i can do a pretty good one in a couple weeks…i can do a crappy one in 5 minutes.
Do you have a favorite piece you’ve done, what is it?
you know…i dont really think of my art like that…i prefer to like other peoples stuff…im always inspired by other peoples stuff..like” man i gotta get good like that!”…i just saw louie cordero’s show at the jonathan levine gallery and it has totally made me think things differently…I love what that guy has tapped into…thats where i want to go…
Describe your style of art in 3 words.
boner, calrissian, robust
What did you want to be when you grew up?
basket ball player…im hella good…but actually thats a lie…im tied to the goddamn art studio…i need to ball more..im getting out of shape…
Sandwich or burrito?
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Interview by Meghan