Words from Steff Bomb

Steff with a sewing machine is like Picasso with a brush!

Steff Bomb I Make Monsters Color Ink Book

First off you just put in your two weeks to focus more on art; what does that translate to?

It means more sewing, less eating.  Gulp.

What makes for the best midnight snack?

Anything that is a one step process.  The idea assembling food is not an option when I am half asleep.  So handfuls of cereal, slices of cheese, cookies…if I can pick up and eat it right away, it’s perfect.

Steff Bomb I Make Monsters Color Ink Book SEA LION FISH YUMMY

Are there going to be any new additions to the I Make Monsters line?

Yes sir!  There will be plenty of handmade goodness is in store for this summer.  I am especially excited to complete a lot of unfinished projects.  I think I have a whole bins worth by now.

How did you get to be so awesome?

I learned it from watching you!

Steff Bomb I Make Monsters Color Ink Book PBR PLUSH BEER

Who would win in a fight between an elephant and a giant clam?

My money is on giant clam.  No doubt about it.  I mean, he is a GIANT clam!  That’s a huge factor in this battle. What is the elephant gonna do?  Never forget the beating of a lifetime, that’s what.

Any “must see” T.V. or are you to busy for that?

America’s Next Top Model.  Don’t judge me.

Steff Bomb I Make Monsters Color Ink Book PONY put your quarter up

What is the weirdest thing you’ve had on a pizza pie?

I have definitely longed to be Michelangelo and put gummy bears and candy hearts on my pepperoni pizza.  Nothing too weird though.

Where is the coolest (fun/hip not weather) place you’ve ever visited?

Mülheim An Der Ruhr, Germany.  Most beautiful bike ride ever.

Steff Bomb I Make Monsters Color Ink Book two turntables and a micro-nome

A night out with Steff is not complete without what?

Getting food all over myself.  I am a mess.  My boyfriend has said, “Watching Steff eat is like watching Jackson Pollock paint”.

Sandwich or Burrito?

Sand-rrito???  I don’t think I am able to make that kind of decision, sir.


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