Words from Trevor Zammit

Trevor Zammit Color Ink Book

What are you working on right now?

Cleaning up the mess from my most recent batch of paintings and sculptures.

Facial hair; your thoughts?
I wish I could grow some.

Trevor Zammit Color Ink Book Knife

Who would win in a fight a polar bear or a silverback gorilla?
Well, in a regular street fight a polar bear.  But if it was in a steel cage, a gorilla would kick a polar bear’s ass.

How rad is it working for ScareFactory?
That really depends on the day.  The most ridiculous piece I ever did ended up on the Tonight Show.

ScareFactory Trevor Zammit Color Ink Book

What would be the most awesome piñata filling?
Hotpockets or marbles.

Really loved your custom for Beware Humans Show; how did you get involved with it?
Thanks.  I guess it all started with a lovely weekend drive through Long Island.

color ink book trevor zammit Humans Beware" I.W.G. Custom Vinyl show

Can you classify your style?
Ummm… Cartoonish?

Disney or Pixar animation?
Computer animation is destroying the universe.   Disney had it together in the 1920’s & 30’s.

Trevor Zammit Color Ink Book skeleton

What project to date are you most proud of?
I did this landscape oil painting in third grade that I still haven’t topped.

Sandwich or Burrito?
Definitely Burritos since don’t come with pickles.

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