Words from Trunk Kid

Tell us a bit about yourself, like what is the story behind the name Trunk Kid?

Well, about 6 years ago, back in the day with my friends, I was wearing a red and white beanie and someone said, “You look like the kid from Speed Racer” and I asked, “Which kid?” and they said, “the Trunk kid, the one who appears in the trunk.” But nobody remembered the name of the kid, so they started to call me Trunk Kid. His name was Spritle.

I noticed you just did an awesome paper toy, are you going to do more things like this?

Yeah, I wanna make a series of paper toys. Stay tuned! ūüôā

What is your favorite medium to work with?

Everything is great, what’s important is the result, but I prefer to work white pencils, ink and paint.

Does music influence your art; who are you listening to?

Sometimes, but the true influence is life. I listen to a lot of different music: rock, hardcore, heavy metal, oldies, hip hop, reggae, blues, rap, alternative, instrumental, classic, etc, etc, etc

Sounds weird, but I listen to a lot of different music genres.

Do you have any favorite artists?

Yeah, a lot. I admire all kinds of art:

Jan Van Eyck, Francisco de Goya, Da Vinci, Salvador Dali, Michael Hussar, Silvia Ji, Ron English, Banksy, Jeremy Fish.

I could go on for days, but here’s a few for example.

Is creating art your full time job, or do you do something else as well?

No, right now I’m studying Graphic Design, and working in a photography and design studio,¬†and in my free time I make my art.

So what are you watching on TV, and what cartoons do you like?

All the cartoons of Hanna Barbera, Warner Brothers, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon¬†and Disney, but my favorites are the classic cartoons from 1930, you¬†know, the black and white cartoons. I’m not watching TV right now,¬†just cartoons and movies..¬†kill the TV!

When we visit, where will we eat?

Tacos at 2:00 am…..¬†It’s the only thing open in Tijuana at that hour! ¬†jaja!


What is your all time favorite video game?

I will say it’s Donkey Kong Country from Super Nintendo,¬†because it was the first video game I bought with my money when I was a kid.

Sandwich or burrito?

The most difficult question! I think I will say “burrwich” a¬†mix of sandwich and burrito..

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interview by Adam