Words from Zoso

What was your favorite cartoon growing up?

When I was a lil tyke it was Tom and Jerry… in the middleschool years it was the animaniacs… loony toons and all those old school cartoons always get me.

What went down in the last nightmare that you remember?
I very very rarely remember my dreams.

Where do you find inspiration?
My city, traveling, the 3rd world, slums. love. the 60’s. Psychedelics. Italian renaissance, romanticism, art nouveau, Fillmore posters. Urban decay. The human condition. Living in a hectic world. Eastern philosophy. India. California.

Poster art seems to be an important medium for you. Can you tell us how you got started doing street art and more specifically, poster art
Well… honestly street art is much more important than poster art in general to me. I’ve been doing it for a while; I started out doing crappy marker tags then started doing stencils, then graduated to wheatpaste posters and have done a lot with those. I could write a book on my experiences doing crazy shit to get my art up… its been a large part of who I have become, and being a street artist is not a casual thing to claim.

Where do you feed your face in LA?
The taco truck on my corner, the taco spot around the corner…. my kitchen… any number of dumpy little legit Mexican spots….

Do you have any upcoming shows or projects you’d like to tell us about?
I recently partnered with my homie peekaboo to run the ronin gallery. We just moved to thinkspace’s old space in silverlake and did some renovations. Its been taking up all my time but I’m really proud of it, we’ve got some great shit lining up for the future. Its weird being on the other side of the gallery game for once, but being an artist for a while and seeing how the scene works and how shitty some galleries can be to people was great training. Its stressful and hard work so far, but the feeling of being able to pull something serious off on our own feels great, I’ve worked my ass off to get to a point where I am able to do this kind of thing.

What’s the name of the gallery?
Ronin Gallery

From your bio, “How will mankind cope with an increasingly unstable climate?”
yeesh. I wrote that maybe 3 years ago, and now that question is no longer on the fringes of thought, its right in our fucking faces. The world is exploding in front of us. Everything is starting to spin out of control. I dunno, I feel a little conflicted on how to deal with such a heavy topic. I mean, I try and live my life as green as I can, but I still have to drive a car and live my life in this society, and I don’t think dropping out and living off the grid would actually make any real positive change. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the gravity of it all, and to be outraged by our politicians and humans in general, but when it comes down to it there’s no point in sitting there and being pissed off. I’ve come to this point of view: its good to be well informed and conscious, but there’s no point in letting it rule your life. The world will do what it will and you can either make the best out of it for yourself and try to create some positive change in any small way, or you can sit there and be pissed off or scared.

If you had 3 wishes, what would they be?
Time machine so I could stop that stupid little kid from killing john Lennon. The world could use him right now.
Unlimited funds would be nice…. I would do some crazy ass art projects and hook some po’ folks up! New shoes for all!
The power of teleportation… like *jooooop* im in Prague! *joooop* I’m in Tokyo! haha talk about getting some traveling done!

Sandwich or burrito?
Burritos all day. Tacos o quesadillas o tortas por favor.

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interview by Mario of Koerce Media